Why Is My Hot Tub Not Heating Up
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Why Is My Hot Tub Not Heating Up

Having a hot tub in your backyard can be so relaxing as well as the most exciting luxurious thing one can come up with. One of the worst cases a hot tub owner can experience is having a freezing-cold hot tub in your shower space or your backyard. Your hot tub might be probably not heating your water enough, no longer heating your tub, or overheating your water. The most obvious question will keep going over your mind; Why is my hot tub not heating up?

Your hot tub may not heat up due to a number of reasons, one popular reason being; a broken switch. This is brought about by clogged filters that prevent water from flowing through the heater, thus less efficiency. It might also be due to a faulty thermostat. A thermostat is responsible for cranking up the heat on your hot tubs. 

Therefore, you already know what a malfunctioned thermostat means, a very repulsive bathing tub. Moreover, there might be a problem with your hot tub wiring. Beware of animals like rodents; they may get to mess up your easily accessible hot tub wires.  

Why Is My Hot Tub Not Heating Up? 

  • Thermostat issues 

Old hot tubs have a mechanical thermostat while new and modern ones have their thermostats attached to circuit boards. 

Does your thermostat have a knob? If it does, check if it’s broken inside. Look-see if your hot tub’s sensor is corroded. Check your tub’s cord to ensure it is plugged in properly. If it shows a red arrow, your thermostat’s cord might be broken or improperly plugged in. 

  • High limit switch problems 

The high limit switch prevents the tub from overheating or meltdown. 

If messed with, your water can be ‘burning hot’ and dangerous.

  • Low water flow 

For your tub to work properly, there should be adequate water flow through its heater. If the flow is too low to guard the tub heater, the tub heaters will have to shut down. 

Low water flow may be caused by the following factors:

  • Clogged pumps 
  • Closed valves
  •  Blocked drains
  • Hot tub cover replacement 

Hot tubs covers are very vital elements to hot tubs. 

Your tub covers may be damaged, torn, or sagging. 

This will force you to purchase new covers for your hot tubs Replace your new covers and dispose of the old ones.  

More than 60% of heat is lost from hot tubs through evaporation especially if your hot tub is not covered, worn-out or improperly covered.

  • Cold weather

Turning your hot tub off during cold weather seasons and not winterizing it can lead to freezing of your hot tub. This can damage your tub’s equipment or elements very easily. If this happens to your tub, your hot tub may lose its heating ability and you won’t have a chance to enjoy the warm and relaxing tub water anymore. 

  • Frayed wires

Rodents can be so destructive especially if they come across your hot tub’s wires. This can malfunction your hot tub’s mechanism and your tub won’t heat up anymore. Regularly check up your hot tub’s wiring to ensure every element is running efficiently; from the thermostat to the controlling panel behind your tub.

How To Heat Up Your Hot Tub 

  1. Install insulators

Install insulators on the hot tub cabinets and the inside of the tub to conserve heat within the tab. This will prevent heat from easily evaporating and escaping through the walls of the tub. 

  1. Spraying foam on the back of your tub

This can help cover a half or slightly bigger proportion of your hot tub. Look out for the tub’s ventilation so you don’t get to block them. Blocking the tub’s vents can lead to malfunctioning of your hot tub. Always check if your heaters are working properly and ensure everything is in place and running efficiently. 

  1. Turn your jets on 

When you turn the temperature on, check if the jets are circulating to ensure maximum heating. 

Jets make sure water in the tub heats uniformly to avoid having cold spots in the tub. 

Beware, do not tamper with the tub’s sensor, it can make you lose your hot tub’s warrant easily.  

Resetting My Hot Tub Heater

Resetting your hot tub helps you on a number of issues you’ve been having with your tub i.e. it actually answers the all time frequently asked question ‘why is my hot tub not heating up?’ 

Follow the steps below when rebooting your hot tub:

  •  Switch the tub off. 
  •  Find and press the red reset button 
  • Turn your hot tub back on 

   No power supply to your tub will mean a damaged breaker panel for your tub. 

  •  Breaker reboot 
  • Turn the hot tub on 

If your hot tub doesn’t work when starting to heat up, you might probably have a problem with your control box or heater. Contact the tub owners for guidelines that will keep your tub running to increase its lifespan.

By following the above steps, your hot tub should be back on and heating up as it used to do 

If your hot tub doesn’t still work anymore, take a step to inquire from the tub owners and manufacturers, they’ll help you point out which element of your hot tub is broken.  

It’s advisable to go for the high-quality hot tubs since they are popular for their extraordinary and outstanding features, unlike cheaper ones. 

If you are a hot tub owner, here’s how to heat your hot tub without a heater.

Why Is My Hot Tub Not Heating Up? – Conclusion

In conclusion, ‘why is my hot tub not heating up’ has been amongst the most frequently asked questions by clients on Google concerning their hot tubs. Check your hot tub elements well as stated above. It might be the thermostat, your tub’s dirt filters or maybe it’s winter already! Take your time and examine your hot tub’s elements for any complications. 

Make sure you contact the hot tub technicians if your hot tub’s complications exceed your basic tub-tech knowledge i.e. if it would need expert servicing.