why is my above ground pool losing water
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Why Is My Above Ground Pool Losing Water?

Why is my above ground pool losing water? Well, there are a number of issues that shall make your above ground pool lose water. Depending on the season and use, the causes shall be different. In-season water loss causes cannot be similar to off-season when your pool is at rest. 

Filter leaks, evaporation, splashing out and many other issues cause water loss. While some shall be just circumstantial and be reversed by refilling, other issues like leaks need repair.

Why Is My Above Ground Pool Losing Water – I Think It’s A Leak, How Do I Confirm?  

A leak isn’t something to guess and start working in, chances are that your pool does not have any leak. There are a lot of other causes that might make you think that your pool has a leak. The main cause of water loss from your pool that might make you think of a leak is evaporation. Children playing with pool water are reckless and know how to cause the splashes, they can empty a good part of your pool.

Get certain that there is no problem in your filter system. If you have someone maintaining the pool for you, ask them of any issue or maintenance practice they might have done that can lead to water loss. After you are certain about all the above and any other issues, you can conclude that you have a leaking above ground pool.   

Water loss through evaporation 

Evaporation is a slow but sure way of losing water from your pool. The sun can lead to the evaporation of multiple inches of your pool water. Before you blame a leak, check whether your pool water is evaporating at a high rate. Checking the evaporation rate shall take a little bit of time and patience. So the following to check whether the problem is evaporation.   

Pick a bucket in good condition. Fill it with 12 inches of water then place it beside your pool. Put a mark on the current water level in the bucket and the pool.

Ensure that your pool pump is off when marking the water level in your pool to get an accurate mark. 

Now let your pool and bucket stay undisturbed for a week. Nobody should go swimming during this time. Do not cover your pool either.

After every day’s end, mark the new water level of your bucket and pool. Do this every day for the whole week.

After doing this for a week, measure the distance between the marks you previously marked in your bucket. Do this for your pool also.  

Make a comparison of the distances you read from the bucket and those of the pool. If the distances of the pool are longer than those of the bucket, then you have a leaking pool. However, if the distances tally, then your pool is void of any leaks.   

Evaporation can cause water loss but not that significant unless you’re in a desert climate. It is normal for your pool to lose up to a quarter an inch of water to evaporation. Depending on the amount of sunlight and humidity in the air, water loss shall vary from point to point. A solution to this is obviously adding more water to refill your pool.

Why is my above ground pool losing water? A faulty filter

Filter leaks are a common problem for above ground pool water loss. A cracked filter shall let the circulating water seep out leading to a drop in your pool water level. To check whether your filter is the problem, observe for any wet areas around the filter. 

Check the filter hoses and the area around the skimmer and return and their connection point to the pool. If there is a leak in any of these, you can easily repair them yourself. However, if things get tough, you might consider calling in a professional service.

Now, let’s talk about leaks in the liner of your pool.   

The liner, as you already know, this is the most complex leak you might experience with your pool. In case you have checked all the other issues and none is affecting your pool, then your pool might be losing water through a leak in the pool line. 

To confirm this, do a thorough check of your pool liner. Check for any indicators of a leak such as wet ground around the leaking area of your pool liner. 

Check areas of your pool liner that experience more traffic, areas such as the ladder are used more often and might lead to the development of a hole in your pool liner. Some pool liner holes can be observed by the naked eye.

Sometimes you shall not find any hole in your pool liner even after closely checking. However, it doesn’t mean that your pool liner doesn’t have a leak. Instead, it is a sign that your pool liner has got numerous tiny perforations that are leaking out your pool water. 

Too close and hard scrubbing of your pool walls might cause such perforations. Insects are another cause of such perforations in your pool liner. Such insects stay under your pool liner and make tiny homes that lead to water loss.

In case you’re experiencing such numerous perforations, patches to your pool liner shall not work unless you patch the whole of it. This shall specifically call for a pool liner replacement which isn’t that cheap deal.

Water loss from splashing  

Kids or even adults can be the cause of water loss from your pool. Kids splash out water when playing in the pool, sometimes when you have a busy day with your pool, say, you had a few more individuals join you in your above ground pool, expect some water loss. This can be easily corrected by refilling your pool water.

Why Is My Above Ground Pool Losing Water? Conclusion 

As you realize, there are a lot of possible causes that might be draining water from your pool. Check to a certain the exact cause of your pool water loss. Some causes can be easily corrected by yourself while others like replacing the pool liner shall need a professional.