what should I use to test my pool water? best pool water test kit
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What Should I Use To Test My Pool Water? Best Pool Water Test Kit 

Pool water needs to be tested from time to time to ensure the safety of swimmers. You can only determine your pool’s chemical chemistry by testing it. So then your query goes, what should I use to test my pool water? Best pool water test kit is your solution to pool water testing. You shall need to test the alkalinity, chlorine, and stabilizer composition of your pool water among many. Let’s explore some of your best bets to pool water testing.

Why Should I Use To Test My Pool Water? Best Pool Water Test Kit   

Pool water should be clean, clear, and healthy for the swimmers to enjoy. To ensure the safety of your swimmers, you have to add chemicals such as chlorine to kill the germs in your pool water. Also, your pool water needs a balanced pH of slightly above or below 7.2, to know whether it’s okay or not, you shall have to test.

Testing is what shall inform you of what to add or neutralize for your pool water to remain clean and safe. Without testing, you might end up confusing signs for different deficits which might spoil your pool water further.

These are the pool water tests that you need to conduct.   

The pool chemistry has to be balanced for us to achieve clean clear and safe water. Here are the chemicals you should conduct tests for. 

  1. Test the pH value of your pool water. As mentioned earlier, the ideal pool water pH should be slightly above or below 7.2.
  2. Test for the alkalinity of your pool water. The ideal alkalinity should be within 80-120.
  3. You should conduct a test for chlorine. The right amount should range between 1-3 ppm.  
  4. Check for the calcium hardness of your pool water. The correct level should be within 180-220 ppm.
  5. You need to test the levels of bromine concentration in your pool water, it should be at a healthy level of 3-5 ppm.
  6. Lastly, check for the concentration of cyanuric acid. It should be at an optimum level of 30-50 ppm.

As much as the above tests might sound complicated, they are quite easy when using the testing apparatus as we shall see below. You only need to have these kits and get to work.

What Are The Intervals Of Testing My Pool Water?  

Your pool water should be tested at least once a week. However, chlorine and pH needs to be tested on a daily basis unless you have done it for a while and understood your pool water patterns. Other tests such as hardness, alkalinity, cyanuric acid, and bromine can be tested on a weekly or even monthly level since they take quite some time to fluctuate.

Sometimes, you might need to test your water due to circumstances. Maybe you experienced heavy rain that caused flooding or filled your pool water to dilution or maybe you’re experiencing cloudy or green pool water. You have to test your water to certain the unbalanced chemicals that might be causing problems.   

What Should I Use To Test My Pool Water? Best Pool Water Test Kit 

To effectively test your pool water, you need a quality pool water test kit. Some kits are fake and give poor inaccurate results. That’s why some pools turn green or remain cloudy even after testing and balancing the chemicals. To help you out on this, we chose some of the confirmed best pool water test kits that we shall share below. Choose the best that suits your needs.

Pool test strips  

Pool water test strips give fairly accurate readings. They are the most used test kit due to their simple and fast testing capabilities. When you get a quality pool water test strip such as the AquaChek 551236 ( https://www.amazon.com/AquaChek-551236-7-Way-Count-Strips/dp/B0083SMU7C) shall help you test multiple chemicals in your pool water.

With this test strip, you are guaranteed to test the chlorine levels, pH, cyanuric acid, total hardness, and alkalinity of your pool water. For easy measurement, there is a color chart comparator on the side of the bottle. It takes up to 15 seconds of dipping this test strip in your pool water to get your results.

Liquid test kits   

Liquid testing kits come with better quality and a slightly higher price. They are a more certain way to test your pool water compared to test strips. With this, you take a sample of your pool water and add the testing solution then take the readings on a comparator.

Digital pool testers  

Digital pool testers are what you should go for when you need very accurate test results without the hustle of using a comparator. They are devices designed with waterproof bodies and electrodes that test the chemical levels in your pool water. You just dip and take the readings on an included display.

As you can already guess, they are expensive but very effective and easy to use. They are the best when you need accurate results and have no time for the engaging strip or liquid tests.

Test strip vs liquid test vs digital pool testers  

As seen in the above descriptions, test strips are the least accurate, followed by liquid test kits and the best are digital pool testers. As for the price, expect the reverse. Below are some of the best products to go for.



  • Measures within 15 seconds.  
  • Performs for seven taste functions ( total chlorine, free chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity, cyanuric acid)
  • It comes with a reusable comparator.  

HTH 1273


  • It offers 6 testing functions. (Chlorine, bromine, pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and cyanide acid)
  • Compatible with all pool types.  
  • Easy to use as it includes instructions.  

Phin Smart Water Care Monitor for Pools  


This is a smart care water tester and monitor.  

Whenever chemicals in your pools are imbalanced, you receive an automatic notification to your phone.

Though expensive, you get all pool compatibility and chemical tests. 

Aqua Chek Aqua Chek Trutest Digital Reader


  • A digital waterproof pool water tester.  
  • It offers bromine, free chlorine, pH, and alkalinity within 15 seconds.  
  • You shall need digital test strips and batteries to test your pool water.  

What Should I Use To Test My Pool Water? Best Pool Water Test Kit – Conclusion 

Testing your pool water is necessary to ensure the health of your swimmers. You need the right kits to get the correct result. We’ve included some of the best kits above to prevent you from landing on poor quality models. Enjoy your clean pool.