what can I do to make my pool last longer
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What Can I Do to Make My Pool Last Longer? 

 After that hefty investment, the last thing you want to see is your pool degrading. Most at times, you shall need to start as early as right after installation and you got yourself asking, “what can I do to make my pool last longer?” 

The simple answer here shall be maintaining your pool appropriately. However, maintaining your pool is the ‘what’ that you’re looking for. This is why we researched and compiled the following practices that shall make your pool remain ‘new’ forever. 

What Can I Do to Make My Pool Last Longer?

The pool liner  

This is the part that we expect shall wear out to give your pool and old look. It calls for replacing which can be very expensive. Imagine buying a whole new pool liner then draining the water and getting it fixed then refilling your pool? We better maintain it to last longer by:

Keep the chemicals balanced  

This shall not only keep your pool liner in good condition but shall also keep your swimming suit safe from bleaching. Excess chlorine causes your pool liner to wear out. On the other hand, too low levels of chlorine in your pool water shall allow algae to grow. The result is green water that degrades your pool water and liner. It is therefore important that you keep your pool water chemicals balanced.    

Keep the water levels optimum 

The water level of your pool keeps reducing from evaporation and also splashes. When the water level in your pool reduces, your pool liner gets exposed to direct sunlight which causes it to warp and degrade. If you want your pool to last longer, you shall have to maintain the water levels by adding whenever they go too low.   

Draining your pool completely isn’t good

The pool liner is additionally pressed to the walls and bottom of your pool by the water. Sometimes, repairs or other factors such as too green water may necessitate draining your pool. Endure you leave some water to help hold the liner. Draining all the water might get your liner shrieked. 

Patch tears early  

Your pool liner might get tears from regular use or any other cause. In case of this, you should move to patch it up early enough before the tear extends. Patching up does not necessarily require draining your pool to reach the problem area. There is special patching glue that allows you to patch up with the water intact. Considering the cost of draining and refilling your pool, you better buy such glue.   

Clean your pool liner in the right manner

Poor cleaning of your pool liner shall wear it out faster than expected. It is good that you use the right leading materials and chemicals. Avoid using too rough material such as steel wool to clean your pool liner, it shall wear out very fast.

What can I do to make my pool last longer – Check and clean your pool filters at all times   

Your pool filters help to keep pool water clean. Due to their regular use, they are prone to regular faults and wear. Clean your filters at least once every month. Some conditions such as heavy storms call for immediate filter cleaning. Replace any broken or worn out parts of your filter to make it run normally and clean your pool water for it to last longer.

Maintain the pH of your pool water  

One of the reasons that make a dirty and stained pool is too high ph value of water. Water with too much ph shall leave deposits and fortify your pool, therefore, shortening its tenure. The best ph level should be slightly below or above 7.2. 

Repair any cracks around your pool 

If you notice cracks around or around your pool perimeter, don’t let them go further. Move swiftly to fill up such cracks with clear silicon. Such cracks shall advance with time if not taken care of. Imagine how much a leak might cost you, especially when you consider that it needs all the water drained first!  

Maintain the vegetation around your pool  

If you let grass, for instance, grow intended around your pool, the next time you’re going to find it in your pool water. Such vegetation might have the roots dig into your paved area, therefore, developing cracks. 

Always cut short the lawn around your pool and trim any vegetation. Remember, bushy vegetation and tall grass act as habits of mosquitoes and other insects that might make your moments in the pool negatively memorable. 

Cover your pool when not in use 

Summer is over and the chilly season is knocking. Don’t shift to your hot tub without putting a cover over your pool. This way, you shall have prevented your pool water from evaporating to completion. 

Your chemicals shall also last longer while you prevent the liner from bleaching. When you cover your pool, no debris or any other foreign material shall enter. Upon uncovering, you’re going to get it as clean as you left.  You should also ensure that rainwater does not accumulate on the cover lets you start being troubled by mosquitoes.

Clean the skimmer baskets

Before dirt sinks, it enters through the top of your pool and floats to saturation. Skimmer baskets are what clear out dirt from the surface of pool water before they sink. Due to this, summers accumulate a lot of dirt within a short period. Consider emptying and cleaning your skimmers as regularly as possible to make your pool last longer.

What Can I Do To Make My Pool Last Longer? Conclusion  

Maintaining your pool is what makes it last longer. Always replace any faulty parts while you maintain the existing. Clean your water and clear the area around your pool. The pool liner wears easily and needs special care if your pool is going to last for a good time. 

Balancing the chemicals in your pool shall make it last longer while it serves you. Your health also matters, avoid too many chemicals, and strive for chemical balance. Let your pool look forever with the above tips.