swimming pool vs hot tub
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Swimming Pool vs Hot Tub

The swimming pool vs hot tub, which is which. The most obvious option is to get both due to their non-shared advantages, but then, what if you need to choose one? In this case, you have to choose the best that suits you among the two. After keen research and wide consultation, we came up with the best and worst of both worlds to make choosing easy. Let us find more about each, compare and leave you to make an informed choice that you shall not regret. 

Swimming Pool vs Hot Tub – Executive Summary    

What amount of cash do you have for your pool or hot tub investment? What are your recreational water needs? Do you have kids and friends maybe? These are some of the questions you’re gonna ask yourself before we begin.

To be frank, when it comes to capita, a swimming pool is going to cost you too much money from installation to maintenance. A hot tub on the other hand is going to cost you far much less initial capital and maintenance costs compared to a pool. Average, you need over an hour every week to maintain and clean your pool, this is when we consider all other variables constant. However, you only need a few minutes, about seven or so to effectively maintain and clean up your hot tub.

Now, a tab is meant for enjoying the moments, it’s super romantic compared to a pool. It’s just obvious, imagine chilling in warm water for as long as you want with some drinks and someone you endear? It’s quite epic.

A pool shall become a burden immediately the winter kicks-in. You have to deal with that large water body to avoid mosquitoes and maintain it till next summer. A hot water tub shall always be waiting to serve your body with warm water and comfort any time, any season! 

If you have kids and maybe friends or relatives who love flexing in larger water bodies, it shall be a great idea to go for a pool. A water tab is limited in terms of depth and size, you cannot swim in a hot tub, leave alone diving. A pool party must be a very good practice, you shall miss it if you only got a hot tub.

So, What Are the Installation Costs Of a Hot Tub vs a Pool?

For a pool

On average, a normal pool shall cost from as low as $20,000 to as high as $80,000 and more. This shall depend on the pool type, size, and also additional finishing. For instance, depending on your local authority regulations, you might need to fence around your pool, the verandas and other additions around your pool shall make the installation costs spike.

What about a hot tub?  

Hot tubs cost an average of $6,000 to $13000. A hot tub shall cost much or less depending on the capacity, however, it shall not go any further than $15,000. So, after spending as low as this, you shall be ready to chill in your warm water in any season. As you can see, you shall have saved a lot, however, if you’re used to pool swimming then you might miss out a lot.

Swimming Pool vs Hot Tub – Maintenance Costs  

When it comes to maintenance, nothing much changes as far as the comparison is concerned. A pool shall call for over $100 each month for maintenance,  this shouldn’t be alarming given the amount of water you got and the chemicals needed.

If you decide to go for a professional pool cleaning service, you shall spend up to $100, however, if you decide to do it alone, chemicals only shall cost up to $70 every month which is way too high. Electricity shall be on another budget, not mentioning the water.

If you decide to import a hot tub experience into your pool, you shall have to heat up your pool water. This shall be a very costly venture draining up to $300 from your wallet. Water is rarely added into a pool, however, consider the evaporation and other uncertainties. Maintaining a pool is generally expensive. However, when you consider the advantages that come with the large water body, it’s worth it.

What’s the Maintenance Cost for a Hot Tub?   

A hot tub shall cost you less to maintain. You shall spend up to $30 to get everything okay with your hot tub each month. Considering the size of a hot tub, electricity bills for heating water shall be much lower. Doing it yourself is also easier and fun.

So, Between Pools and Hot Tubs, Which Is Which?

The size of your backyard can limit you when it comes to a pool if you have a small space, why not squeeze in a hot tab? When you focus on exercise, the best of the two is a pool. For a pool, you can do all the swimming exercises you need, however, when it comes to hot tubs, you can only do a few stretches here and there without anything more.

On the other hand, when you want to get your brain relaxed after long days, your best bet shall be a hot tab. Getting into that warm water is the best feeling you can have after a busy day. Pools also offer good relaxation and pleasure as long as the conditions are favorable. However, you don’t really want to get into cold water on a chilly evening, do you?

To improve your home looks, both pools and hot tubs do a great job. However, a pool does it better due to the large size. That said, there are individuals who aren’t fans of large water bodies in front or at the backyard of their house.

Swimming Pool vs Hot Tub – Conclusion  

Depending on your needs and budget, both a pool and hot tub make a perfect recreational facility. Tubs come in as a cheaper alternative while pools are those versatile recreational water that can get any of your wishes actualized. Get one or both of them and get partying.