should I get an inground or above ground pool
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Should I Get An Inground Or Above Ground Pool?

Are you at the crossroads of choosing between an inground and an above ground pool? You really need a pool in your backyard and keep asking yourself, should I get an inground or above ground pool? 

Well, the answer shall ultimately come from you. However, the facts and comparison that we are going to offer below shall make you take a confident and right choice. Let’s explore these two options.  

Should I Get An Inground or Above Ground Pool? A Summary of Both  


An in-ground pool is a good option to improve the comfort and look of your home. In areas that are usually warm in most seasons of the year, getting an in-ground pool shall be the best decision. The landscape gets improved with an addition of an in groundwater pool, just feature your patio or deck has a view of a blue water body ready to cool your body in the warm summer, isn’t it amazing?

With all those blows and whistles, an in-ground pool comes with a number of disadvantages. One of the main disadvantages is the initial capital you need to set up an inground pool. Combined with the maintenance costs, the cost for this pool hikes up. However, with the unlimited designs and shapes, it comes with, you shall surely feel your investment fully compensated for.

Above ground pools  

Above ground, pools are a great bet for people who are in a hurry to set up a pool. They are easy to install and cheaper compared to in-ground pools. Such pools usually come is a package that needs a little ground preparation then installation.

You might be worried about features such as railing and decking options. If they are a must for you, then there are high-end above ground pools that come with them, although at a higher cost. Parents are also at an advantage getting an above ground pool due to their fencing and much safety to kids compared to in-ground pools.

Now, let’s compare the features of the two types in detail.   

Should I Get An Inground or Above Ground Pool? – Consider the Cost

Both in-ground and above ground pools are an expensive investment. However, the two vary interns of the capital that you shall need to install and run them. It goes without saying that above ground pools are much cheaper in cost compared to in-ground pools. 

Actually, the least capital you shall expect to invest in an in-ground pool can buy a high-end above ground pool and still get you a big balance to invest elsewhere. In-ground pools have been around for long, about 5 million pools exist in the U.S against the over 3 million above ground pools.

However, when you consider that above ground pools have been around for a shorter period. The rate of purchase is higher for above ground pools and is projected to surpass that of in-ground pools. 

What Brings The Extra Cost For Inground Pools?

In-ground pools need a lot as far as purchasing and installation are concerned. Consider the excavation, mandatory professional installation, authority permits, a pool water fence, and the expensive materials used in the construction process. This plus the skilled labor needed makes installing an in-ground pool expensive.

Advantages Of The Above-ground Pools Are Low Cost

After saving a lot on the purchase and installation cost, you still have note bucks to improve the look of your pool. You might consider getting a deck for your above ground pool with the extra bucks for more comfortability and looks. There are a lot more functionalities that you can add to your above ground pool.

Consider the Installation   

Installation of above ground pools isn’t that complicated. Instead of excavation, you only need to prepare a flat shock-proof ground that your pool shall rest on. Your above ground pool shall most probably be installed for you with your seller as part of the purchase cost. 

However, if you bought your kit from far, you shall have to pay a few bucks or do it yourself. 

On the other hand, in-ground pools require that you get installation permits. Other than this, there are kits for installing in-ground pools. However, they are less common with the excavation and manual building way taking the course. This makes the installation of an in-ground pool more expensive.

In-ground pools require more time to install. Depending on the type, it can take from a few weeks to months to get it ready. However, you should not be worried about this since you shall have your select professional pool service do it for you. The bad thing is if you were quick to get a pool.

Consider safety

An above-ground pool shall be safer than an in-ground pool for both your kids and pets. This is because it rises above the ground automatically creating a barrier for your kids and pets. In addition to this, you need not be worried about flooding since stormwater won’t get access. 

An in-ground pool shall need more measures to make it safe. Fencing for instance shall cost you more bucks than you would save for an attractive deck.

Customization, which is better?

In-ground pools can be modeled into basically any shape and size as long as you have space and capital. They allow for flexibility when it comes to customization. On the other hand, above-ground pools require that you choose among the existing sizes and shapes which is a limiting factor. Other additional facilities such as the diving pool shall be missed in an above ground pool due to the limiting depth and design.  

What about the appearances?  

In-ground pools are naturally better with looks compared to above-ground ones. They look more natural just like big water bodies. Above ground, pools are also beautiful especially with add-ons such as a deck. However, no matter how good your landscaping skills are, an in-ground pool shall never get bested by an above ground pool in terms of the looks.

Should I Get An Inground Or Above Ground Pool? Conclusion 

As you realize, above ground pools are much cheaper compared to in-ground pools. However, in-ground pools give the most value and look for your home. In-ground pools also last forever compared to above ground pools. Depending on your needs and budget, either an above-ground or in-ground pool shall work for you.