is it worth getting an above ground pool
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Is It Worth Getting An Above Ground Pool?

Before making a move to buy an above ground pool, you need to ask yourself whether it shall be worth it or not. Shall you get all the comfort that you plan for? Shall it match your capital and shall you get at peace with its look after installation? These among other questions are what we are going to answer today. So, is it worth getting an above ground pool? Let’s find out.

Is It Worth Getting An Above Ground Pool?

Installation considerations 

When you are planning to install a pool in your backyard full of trees and other objects that you do not want to destroy, an above ground pool shall be the best. Say for example you have trees that make up the beauty of your backyard. You can maintain them and still get to install your above ground pool.

Above ground, pools can last for a long time after installation. With the correct maintenance, a typical above ground pool can last for up to 25 years. The only thing you shall need is to replace the liner after something like 15 years. Though expensive, it shall not match the cost of maintenance and repair of an in-ground pool.

An above-ground pool can be bought and installed within a few days, compared to an in-ground pool that requires more time usually weeks or even months. Therefore, when you need that instant pool that shall still last long, an above ground pool brings such a solution.

The installation service for an above ground pool is usually done by the supplying company. The cost is included in the initial buying capital which is quite impressive. When you consider the hustle of having to hire or pay more bucks for in-ground pool installation, and above ground pool comes as a cheaper solution.

The cost  

Another justification for going for an above ground pool is the cost. Above ground, pools call for a far little investment when compared to in-ground pools. With little invested initial capital, you shall have the money to improve on the look and accessories of your pool. 

To get the best prices, wait for winter. During winter, people aren’t interested in the cold water of a pool. However, summer shall come again and the need shall arise. During winter, above ground pool prices shall decrease due to the low demand. Why not take advantage of this and buy one during the winter.

Just like an inground pool, an above-ground one shall call for maintenance. Maintenance costs include the purchase of needed chemicals with a few repairs here and there. 

However, the maintenance costs of moving ground pools aren’t that demanding like those of inground pools.

Some extra accessories such as a deck, laser, and fence around your poll might cost you more bucks. However, considering the price of above ground pools, you shall not be that worried about investing in more accessories to support your pool. 

Actually, even after buying all the needed accessories, the total cost of your inground pool shall be nothing more than the amount needed to purchase a cheap inground pool.  

Is it worth getting an above ground pool? Consider it’s safety

Above ground, pools are safe for your pets and children. Above ground, pools are raised above the ground. This becomes an automatic fence to keep away your pets and children from the water. 

However, sometimes your pets or children can go a step further to climb over your above ground pool. To make it safer for them and yourself, you should consider installing your pool in a position where you can watch over it. Alternatively, as an additional precaution measure, you can erect a fence around your pool.

Are the accessories with it?  

Accessories for an above ground pool are not any different from those that can be incorporated in an in-ground pool. You can easily get a deck developed for your above ground pool. Above ground, pools can be heated just like their in-ground counterparts. If your preference is a salty pool, you don’t have to worry since there are salty above ground pools. 


However, above ground pools come with a depth disadvantage. If diving is your best thing when it comes to swimming, you might miss it when it comes to above ground pools. The relatively shallow depth of above ground pools cannot allow you to dive like an inground pool would have allowed.

Consider the appearance   

One of the secondary reasons that lead to the thought of having a pool is its aesthetic value. It is undoubtedly right when we observe that an inground pool looks more natural and attractive compared to the in-ground pools. However, there are a lot of approaches that shall make your above ground more appealing. One of these is correct landscaping and the addition of accessories such as the deck.

What about planning? 

Planning for an above ground pool is much easier and cheaper. Like in an inground pool, you shall not be required to do any excavation or any adjustments. You only need to level the ground and add a shock absorber such as sand and you’re done. You shall also need to check with your local authorities about the existing regulations that govern the above ground pool installation.

Ensure you plan well for your above ground pool. Allow space for stairs and an area for other subsequent accessories such as the deck. Planning well for your above ground pool shall give you easier installation time and make your investment worth it.

Is It Worth Getting An Above Ground Pool? Conclusion 

Getting an above ground pool is worth it. Considering the cheap cost of buying and installing, you get to enjoy the services of a pool at a cheaper price. An above-ground pool needs no excavation and therefore saves your existing vegetation. 

When we consider the appearance and some functions such as diving, an above ground pool shall need a lot to look fair to an inground pool. If you have pets and children, an above ground pool is safe for them compared to an inground pool.