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how rain affects your swimming pool

How Rain Affects Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pool owners are prepared to maintain their pools on a regular basis to keep their quality. However, sometimes natural happenings such as rain, snow, and dust storms. The rain has been neglected as a natural phenomenon that affects a pool. However, rain causes a significant effect on your pool […]

how to manually vacuum a pool

How To Manually Vacuum A Pool 

Sometimes, we got to go manual with vacuuming the pool. Machines no longer work when you’re faced with an algae problem or that time when you really want to do it yourself. Your pool shall always get dirty and when it does, it’s time to switch to manual and get […]

benefits of swimming for toddlers

Benefits Of Swimming For Toddlers

Most parents worry a lot when it comes to training their toilets on how to swim. However, as much as there are risks tied to it, there also are benefits of swimming for toddlers. It is no longer a question of whether folders can learn to swim or not. We’ve […]

what is the best age to learn swimming

What Is The Best Age To Learn Swimming?

Swimming helps strengthen the muscles and at the same time stay away from the heat. However, every year, we have kids drown. A good percentage of these cases happen in pools. With lessons and good timing, we can make this fun less fatal to younger children. As a parent, you […]

do pool screens block UV rays

Do Pool Screens Block UV Rays?

Do pool screens block UV rays? We get this common query from a number of people. Maybe you’re worried whether this covers combat UV rays also. Pool screens have been around to protect your pool from disasters such as bugs and yes, the sun. Though they allow some sunlight to […]

what can I do to make my pool last longer

What Can I Do to Make My Pool Last Longer? 

 After that hefty investment, the last thing you want to see is your pool degrading. Most at times, you shall need to start as early as right after installation and you got yourself asking, “what can I do to make my pool last longer?”  The simple answer here shall be […]

swimming pool vs hot tub

Swimming Pool vs Hot Tub

The swimming pool vs hot tub, which is which. The most obvious option is to get both due to their non-shared advantages, but then, what if you need to choose one? In this case, you have to choose the best that suits you among the two. After keen research and […]

swimming pool is green what do I do

Swimming Pool Is Green What Do I Do?

Keeping your swimming pool water clean and clear is advisable. My swimming pool is green what do I do? This is a question we’ve found most pool owners asking after their pool water turned green. We are here to let troubleshoot the problem causing your pool water to turn green, […]

can swimming pool water make you sick

Can Swimming Pool Water Make You Sick?

Can swimming pool water make you sick? The direct answer here is, yes, but not that often. The question then remains, how? Most at times, pool water is safe, however, there have been over 5000 disease outbreaks related to the pool, therefore, you got to keep safe this and all […]

how to keep mosquitoes away from pool

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Pool

If mosquitoes haven’t yet invaded your pool and patio area, then you have to take preventive measures before they do. This insect’s bite itch a lot, having them buzz stubbornly around you shall make you hate your pool area. Mosquitoes multiply at a very high rate with a female one […]