How to Run a Hot Tub Economically
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How to Run a Hot Tub Economically

After having a long day full of activities, everyone wants to go back to their bathroom space and relax in their warm and welcoming hot tubs. However, everyone wants to keep their bills and running costs as minimum as possible. As days go by, the hydro rates only keep growing thus expensive running costs. Want to know how to run a hot tub economically and more efficiently? The following factors will help you reduce your running costs and your bills will not be something to worry about anymore. 

How To Run A Hot Tub Economically 

• Leak fixing 

Ensure you fix the smallest leak in your hot tub since they can cost you by gradually saturating the foam in your hot tub and sooner or later, your hot tub would have lost a very bog insulation value. 

Adding cold water to the tubs, you’ll have to use your heaters again and this means a higher electricity cost. Replace the wet foam with fresh and insulated foam after fixing the leak. 

• Programmed filtration cycles 

Programmed filtrations will help you save on hydro costs. The pumps will be on during specific and scheduled hours. 

Know how your hot tub works and ensure you have a programmed filtration schedule and if otherwise, consult your tub owners and manufactures to know how your tub’s filtration cycles work. Program your tub heaters to run less during off-peak hours e.g weekends or vacation times. Typically using your hot tub during specific hours means less dirt and contaminants for your hot tub means less and efficient work for your pumps and filters. 

• Turn air controls off 

Keep your air controls closed whenever your hot tub is not in use. Consistent addition of air to your tub will mean more work for the tub heaters because the air added will cool down the water which you’ll have to heat again before you get into your tub. 

Hot tub air controls also increase the water’s pH gradually and this will force you to add more chemicals for compensation. 

• Use Economy mode 

Does your tub have the economy mode switch? If it does, you already have the big hack on how to run a hot tub economically.

Economy mode commands the hot tub heaters to run conveniently during scheduled times only. Unlike standard mode, the economy mode will help you save on the running costs since you won’t have to consistently heat the water.  

Heats the tub water only during scheduled times, rather than heating consistently to keep the temperature level you want. Heating will take place during scheduled filtration times only. 

However, in economy mode, water temperatures may vary a bit. Therefore, for a hot tub that is about to be used, you’d rather use standard mode for convenience. In this case, economy mode won’t be the best choice for you. 

If you own a hot tub, check out how to heat a hot tub without a heater.

Going on a vacation or holiday?  

When going on a vacation, ensure you switch to economy mode to save on electricity and running costs since your tub filters will have to run for fewer hours. 

• Closed tub covers 

More than 50%of heat lost from the hot tubs up through the covers i.e opens hot tubs allow heat to escape easily increasing the rate of evaporation of the hot water from the tub. Ensure you keep your tub covers shut whenever you tub is on rest. When it comes to how to run a hot tub economically, this will help you save on your running costs by containing and keeping the heat in the tub. 

The tub cover increases efficiency since the heater won’t have to run for more time thus less electricity required. The presence of tub covers on bathtubs has seen it to answering the big question by users; ‘how to use your hot tub economically’. This feature has worked very well for users and it will help you save on your running costs. 

Keep your tub cover clips well-fastened to ensure they don’t get lifted by the wind or open hot tub air controls. If your cover clips are broken, make sure you purchase new ones and replace them. 

• Extra insulation 

Adding insulation around your hot tub cabinets will help you trap and conserve the heat lost from the walls of the tub. However, do not go overboard to stuff insulators on your tub cabinets since this will make fresh air for the pumps inadequate. Be careful about this since it can damage your pumps by overheating. 

Check your cabinet vents regularly for any vent obstruction or blockage; this will ensure proper fresh airflow and increase energy efficiency. 

Use of insulation thermal blankets will help you cover the water and prevent evaporation which brings about a significant heat loss to your hot tub. 

• New filters for your tub 

Water easily passes through new & clean tub filters. Constantly using a dirty filter for your tub will eventually wear off your hot tub pumps. Older and dirty filters mean more and intense work for the pumps, thus a short lifespan. Clean your filters under running water every 1-2 weeks to get rid of large dirt particles present. Accumulated oils and lotions on the filters will require cleaning in chemical solutions every 3-4 months. 

• Power saving timer 

A power-saving timer on your hot tub will highly prevent power wastage i.e. by running the heat cycles conveniently during the set scheduled times. This significantly increases the efficiency since the hot tub heaters will be kept shut when they are not in use, thus helping you save on electricity bills and cost. 


By reading and carefully applying the above tips, you’ll be able to save on your hot tub’s running costs and by then, you’ll have learned how to run a hot tub economically. Filling your hot tub with water from the warm tap will help you save on electricity since your tub heaters will have to work for fewer hours. 

Take your time when choosing a hot tub and make sure you go for the one with the most outstanding and appealing features e.g economy mode. Go for an affordable hot tub they will be easy for you to maintain. Refreshing and relaxing baths are coming your way.