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How to Reset Hot Tub Control Panel

We adore it – the refreshing moment inside a spa or hot tub. It mesmerizes the soul and melts the heart. Smart hot tubs have control panels for adjusting water temperature, timing hot-tubbing moments, and turning off the unit. In short, hot tub control panels are too indispensable to overlook. Is your hot tub control panel misbehaving? Following is a guide on how to reset hot tub control panel.

Scenarios That Would Need You Reset Your Hot Tub Control Panel 

Are you wondering whether your hot tub’s control panel needs resetting or not? Then you need the right info on how to reset hot tub control panel. Check out these scenarios when resetting a hot tub control panel will get your hot tub working.

Error Messages Popping up on the Control Panel 

Error message pop-ups or blinking of lights show a software or hardware problem. That might have resulted due to corrosion or condensation on the circuit board. If you find any corrosion, clean it off. Don’t forget to dry out the condensation if you find any. 

If cleaning and drying out the circuit board doesn’t work, reset the control panel by holding down two different buttons or momentarily holding down a series of buttons. The control panels in different hot tubs vary. So you may want to examine the hot tub handbook or check the internet for how to reset hot tub control panel.

If the soft reset fails, you can hard reset the hot tub via the hard reset buttons found at the plug outlet, pack close to the heater chamber, or circuit breaker.

Crashed Hot Tub Control Panel 

Control panels are mini-computers installed purposely to make it fun and simpler to use hot tubs. Like in other computers, the software in hot tub control panels may develop issues and crash. Hot tub control panel crashes can be solved via soft resetting or soft booting, which is done by turning it off and on after some time.

Soft booting or resetting a hot tub control panel requires you completely put off the power for about 15 seconds before turning it on. That allows the control panel to clear its data and reset itself.

If that doesn’t work, you can use the hard reset techniques we recommended above. That’s to hold down the hard reset buttons found close to the heater chamber, plug outlet, or circuit breaker, depending on the model or type of your hot tub.

Searching for how to effectively take care of your hot tub? Here’s a comprehensive maintenance checklist.

Dead Control Panel 

Even under controlled care and maintenance, a hot tub’s control panel may freeze, or some of its parts get totally numb. That will happen if the control panel or circuit board has glitches. Scrutinize the control panel to check for moisture damage or condensation. 

Also, check the buttons to be sure they’re not cracked or wet. Blinking lights or error messages are an indicator that some parts in the control panel aren’t working. Resetting a dead control panel is a bit complex. However, you can start by resetting the circuit breaker. If that doesn’t work, turn off the circuit breaker, detach the panel and evaluate the circuit board. 

Once done, turn on the control panel and check if the unit performs to expectations. If all those fail, get a working panel and attach it to your hot tub to see if it works. 

Water Damage is also a Threat 

The reaction between water and electricity can leave your bathtub a wreck. Exposing your bathtub’s electrical circuit board to moist conditions can trigger a whole lot of problems, including corrosion and short-circuiting.

Bathtub control panels are constructed to withstand water submersion to a certain extent. So, if you expose yours to moist conditions for extended periods, you risk it getting damaged. Check the waterproof sealing placed around the bath tub’s control panel to make sure it’s not damaged. 

In case the panel has been exposed to extreme water levels, you may want to use the technique of burying it under rice. Take the control panel and place it in a rectangular container. Once done, fill the box with cooking rice. Let it be for over 24 hours so that the rice can soak all the water from the control panel. If that fails, you can consider keeping the panel in a dry and hot space for some days so all the moisture can be soaked out.

Power Off the Control Panel Overnight 

When it comes to how to reset hot tub control panel, the simple and most effective technique for revamping a dead or damaged bathtub control panel is by switching it off and waiting for about 15 seconds before you power it on again. In some instances, doing so won’t get your control panel back to its normal working condition. If, after trying this technique several times, it fails, you’ll have to switch it off overnight.

Keeping the panel switched off for some hours will allow it to cool down and reset itself. There’s no scientific proof to validate the fact that keeping a hot tub’s control panel off overnight will enable it to reset itself. But the mere fact that it has worked for other similar digital equipment means that it does work for control panels.

How to Reset Hot Tub Control Panel – Wrap Up 

Once you’ve tried all the above techniques for how to reset hot tub control panel and they’ve all failed, you may want to replace the control panel. Control panels are easy plug-and-play units that you can install one yourself. Provided you get an exact piece suited for your type of hot tub, installing the control panel won’t be a big deal.

If you don’t feel comfortable installing the replacement control panel yourself, you may want to hire a service engineer. Hot tub control panels aren’t cheap, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to risk damaging a newly bought control panel. That’s why you should call a service engineer, especially one certified and approved by the control panel’s manufacturer.

In some instances, you may want to call the service engineer before you buy a new hot tub control panel. That’s because a damaged or dead control panel may not always be the reason for a malfunctioning hot tub.