how to level ground for intex metal frame pool
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How to Level Ground for Intex Metal Frame Pool

If you do not undergo the hassle of setting up an in-ground pool, you may consider installing an Intex pool. But when you are going to install an Intex metal frame pool, you have to make sure that the ground is perfectly level. Otherwise, the pool will soon become unstable. In this post, we are going to show you how to level ground for Intex metal frame pool.

How to Level Ground for Intex Metal Frame Pool – the Importance of Even Ground

Before you dive into action, let’s see why you need to level the ground in the first place. If you have a clear idea of the purpose of doing something, you will certainly do that well. Here are a few reasons why your Intex metal frame pool needs an even ground.

To make the water level even

You will have to deal with a safety hazard if you end up installing your Intex metal frame pool on uneven ground. A deep and shallow end can be hazardous for children who are small. Accidents can happen if they are unable to touch the bottom.

You will also have problems with your cleaning equipment if the water level is uneven. It is possible that the equipment will get in touch with the shallow end, leading to problems.

Uneven ground will compromise the structure of the pool

An uneven pool has another risk. In some sections of the wall and liner, the pool will place some added pressure. All the isles do not get the same amount of weight, and as a result, the walls can twist or buckle.

If things get worse, for example, if the damaged section gives out, the pool will no longer be usable. As a result, your yard will get flooded, which may cause serious risks or injuries.

Your pool will look odd

If an above-ground pool is uneven, it will be immediately noticeable. If the water is not level, the pool is going to look wrong. Such a pool is a sorry sight. If one side looks lower, curious people may ask you embarrassing questions about the pool.

Things You Will Need

It can be tricky to level an area in your yard to install a pool. But if you have the right tools ready, you will find the job a lot easier. If you are wondering how to level ground for Intex metal frame pool, make sure you have the following tools ready: 

  • A rototiller: It is hard to clear the grass. For some people, it can be a back-breaking step. Use a Rototiller or sod cutter to do the job faster.
  • A board of extended length: A board can help you figure out which areas need to be flattened. But when you choose the board, make sure it has an extended length.
  • A wide shovel: To prevent damage to the site, you have to remove rocks from the place you are going to level out. Use a wide shovel to do it.
  • A lawn roller and a wide rake: If there is sand on the spot, you have to level out the sand. Use a wide rake to do it. To compress the sand, you can use a lawn roller.

How to Level Ground for Intex Metal Frame Pool (Step-by-step)

 Once you have the right tools, it is time to dive into action. Leveling ground for an above-ground pool is not a complicated procedure. Here are the steps you have to follow:

Step one: Select a proper location

Once you have set up a pool, moving it is nearly impossible. To move the pool, you have to drain and disassemble it. That is why it is important to choose an appropriate spot for setting up the pool. Go to your yard and find a flat area. It will require less shoveling, which means you will have to do far less work.

It is good if the place is shady, but make sure there is no large tree above the pool.  You will find it hard to keep your pool clean if there is a large tree above it. Also, make sure there is no sewage or septic line close to the pool. Every side of the pool should have at least 1 foot of buffer.

Step two: Clean the spot 

Before you install an above-ground swimming pool, you must clear the site. Grass and debris underneath can damage your pool. First, do what it takes to remove the grass. To cut and remove the grass, you can use a sod cutter.

If you want to get the job done a little quicker, you can use a Rototiller. Remove things that can be bad for the liner. If you are not in a hurry, you can spread a tarp on the place to kill the grass. It can make the process of clearing the site a lot easier.

Step three: Make a leveling device

No matter how a place is leveled, you will have to work on it. You may have to deal with significant problems even if the place is slightly rough. You will start noticing issues as soon as you fill the pool with water.

If you have a good leveling device, you will figure out how to level ground for Intex metal frame pool. To see how level a place is, you can place a longboard on the spot. If there are low and high points, this board will highlight those points.

You can also get the job done with a stake. To stretch the stakeout, you can also use some string. It is a good way to know how flat the site is.

Step four: Fix the holes and bumps

Now you know how to fix the leveling problems. Smoothing these out can be a bit tiresome, partly because the procedure involves it out bit by bit. To make the ground level, it is good to dig into the ground. Use a wide shovel to do it. Instead of adding more, consider removing the bumps. If you do it, you will get a relatively stable base.

Dig down the place a bit, as a rule of thumb, your pool should go down a couple of inches into the soil. And when the base is flat, top it off with some sand.

Step five: Use some sand to smooth it out

Once you have leveled the ground, you have to use some sand to smooth it out. Sand will create a good base, and it will protect your pool against weeds and grass. If you have a landscaping supply company in your locality, you can call them to get sand delivered.

Remember, the layer of the sand should be thick—preferably 6 inches. Once it is done, spread the sand with a rake. Then water the place and leave it overnight to dry out.

Step six: Use a lawn roller to compact the sand

After that, you have to compact the sand and thus make a solid base. A lawn roller can help you do that properly. You can find it in any garden center. Make sure the entire base of the pool is covered. Then you have to level the ground. Do not change anything. Just make sure that everything is flat. If you are not comfortable with a lawn roller, you can use a shovel to do it.

Step seven: Lay out the base layer

A base layer is a pool pad, which is essentially a large foam base. It works as an extra layer of protection. The layer prevents heat loss by providing better insulation. At a minimum, use a sheet over the ground.


If you are still wondering how to level ground for Intex metal frame pool, you can watch a video tutorial on YouTube. However, in this post, we have tried to provide minute instructions, and hopefully, you will find these instructions helpful. To avoid a safety hazard, make sure your pool is installed on flat ground.