how to keep mosquitoes away from pool
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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Pool

If mosquitoes haven’t yet invaded your pool and patio area, then you have to take preventive measures before they do. This insect’s bite itch a lot, having them buzz stubbornly around you shall make you hate your pool area. Mosquitoes multiply at a very high rate with a female one able to lay up to 3000 eggs in a lifetime. When you consider that within a week they shall have matured enough to offer that itchy bite you think of how to keep mosquitoes away from pool.

Which Mosquitoes Bite?   

You shall be surprised that male mosquitoes do not bite. They depend on other sources of food such as nectar from flowers. The female mosquito is the one that pierces your skin to bring that sharp itch and swollen skin.

Female mosquitoes depend on blood to mature their eggs. They move around and land on animals or humans to suck blood for nourishment. If you’ve interacted with some, you shall agree with me that the fish you out in a magical manner. What attracts them to you is the CO2 from your breath plus heat and sweat from your body.

Can Mosquitoes Survive and Hatch in Pool Water?

Mosquitoes can only lay eggs on slow-moving or stagnant water. They lay floating eggs on such stagnant water which floats and hatches if undisturbed. For mosquitoes to land on the surface of the water, it has to be still.

Most at times, waterholes, ponds, and any other un-maintained stagnant water make a good place for mosquito breeding. For the case of swimming pool water, mosquitoes cannot breed on it. 

This is because for once, pool water isn’t stagnant water, your pool pump formulated your water and shall disrupt any comfort a mosquito can find suitable for it’s breeding. Furthermore, a pool is full of chemicals including chlorine that shall not let the eggs live.  

That said, mosquitoes are a common menace near pools and your patio because of other breeding areas around. 

What Are the Dangers Of a Mosquito Bite? 

After a mosquito bite you, it might not end at the itchy and swollen skin. Mosquitoes transmit disease-causing pathogens from one host to another. From malaria, Zika, West Nile to yellow fever, and more. This makes mosquitoes very dangerous insects that you need to clear from your pool.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Pool 

As said earlier, it is rare for mosquitoes to successfully breed in your pool water. Now that we need to do away with them, we shall look at some of the means of depriving them of a breeding area around your pool.

Is Your Pool Cover Developing a Haven for Mosquitoes?  

Pool water shall kill mosquito eggs. When you cover your pool, the pool cover might accumulate fresh water from rain. Some of it shall evaporate but you shall remain with some fresh stagnant water. Mosquitoes only need a little stagnant water such as this to breed. Clear out such water from your pool cover and ensure it is always dry.  

Do away with water reservoirs if possible

Other water reservoirs around your pool such as ponds, puddles, and such make the best breeding areas for mosquitoes. Abandoned containers can also hold stagnant rainwater. Toys and other plastic containers around your pool might make breeding places for mosquitoes. 

You shall get surprised that even shaded leaves can gather a little stagnant water which is just enough for mosquito breeding. Other areas shall be the drainage points, gutters, and any object that’s wrongly placed and can accumulate stagnant unattended water.

Check the whole area around your pool and beyond for such breeding grounds. Clear all leaves and trash from around your pool. Pick any wrongly placed objects that could gather water and correctly store them. Clean your gutters and storm drains, remove any blocking materials to make water flow smooth. Clear out all these possible areas to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Larvae inhibitors can be of help in removable breeding grounds 

There are areas that serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes but cannot be moved or kept away. Such areas and objects include a courtyard fountain, a birdbath, a pond, and such other places. They have stagnant water and must remain fixed in their positions. The best approach here is to make sure that the eggs won’t survive.

Get larvae inhibiting chemicals to use on such water. You shall find them in the form of granular, pellets, tablets, and more. They are meant to only kill larvae and shall not harm your pets and animals and hence safe to use at home. Go for some and add them in stagnant waters that cannot move such as the above.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Pool – Mosquito Traps Shall Work 

When your not interested in adding chemicals to your water bodies, mosquito traps are your chemical-free solution. These traps are meant to trap mosquitoes by faking animals or human beings. As we said earlier, mosquitoes are attracted by the CO2, heat, and sweat we produce. These devices produce artificial CO2 which trick the mosquitoes into the trap. The carbon emitted in very little and considering it’s in the open space, your safe from any kind of poisoning.

Immediately a mosquito is attracted into the trap, there is a vacuum that sucks it up. It gets suffocated and does in the vacuum container. There are different types and mechanisms used in traps. Depending on the type you go for, get prepared to spend as low as $100 to as high as $800 for the propane type.

Work on your landscape 

A bushy landscape with overgrown grass shall hold mosquitoes during hot days. Ensure you cut all the grass and trim your edges to make the place unfavorable for mosquitoes. Ensure your grass is draining correctly to avoid water puddles in within it.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Pool – Conclusion

By clearing breeding grounds for mosquitoes, you are sure of eliminating them. Choose the best method that fits you from the above list and put it into action. Deny these stubborn insects a place to rest and hatch if you’re going to have peace around your pool.