how to keep intex pool water clean
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How to Keep Intex Pool Water Clean

Intex pools are above ground easy to install pools. They are relatively smaller and perform exactly like the inground pool. The fact that they offer easy installation does not mean they are also free from maintenance. Intex pools shall also accumulate debris, get the filter blocked, and chemical imbalances leading to cloudy water. Being much smaller compared to inground pools, you shall have a smaller area to clean up. The question then is how to keep Intex pool water clean? Find all the skills you need below.  

How to Keep Intex Pool Water Clean – Maintenance Procedures  

You can delay the cleaning step if you maintain your pool in the right manner. Here are tips to keep your Intex pool clean for a long period.  

Cover your Intex pool  

One of the reasons that shall call for your latex pool cleaning is foreign materials such as debris, insects, and so on. Why not cover your pool after every use? It shall keep all this foreign material away, therefore, keeping your water clean.

To effectively cover your pool, we recommend investing in a sunny tent which shall not only offer full cover for your pool but shall also warm up your pool water. Your pool construction material might fade due to direct sunlight, a cover shall also combat this.

Always use water from the tap to fill your Intex pool 

Stick to tap water when filling your pool. This is because tap water is always clean and free of any other mineral compositions. Water from wells and other sources has minerals and chemicals that might react with chlorine to discolor your water. It might lead to a cloudy water effect.  

The location of your pool matters  

If you have not already installed your pool, it is good that you choose a place without shade from trees, fence, or any other things. This is because such shades harbor birds and other insects which shall make your pool water dirty, in addition to this, they lead to leaf and bark debris that shall call for regular cleaning.

If you already wrongly installed your pool under such shades, do not worry, you can invest in a tent cover to keep debris away.

Ensure you measure the pH value of water in your pool

Your pool water alkalinity or acidity matters a lot. This is because high pH values encourage the growth of algae which in turn shall lead to cloudy water formation. It also causes your skin and eyes to itch when swimming. You can easily measure the pH value of your pool water using test strips.  

The lower the pH value the better. Your pool should contain an optimal pH value of 7.2-7.3. Anything below or above this means too much acidity or alkalinity which is a bad sign. To raise a too low pH value of your water, use a pH plus and lower the value using a pH minus.

Use chlorine with caution  

A pool cannot do without chlorine or other similar water disinfectants. However, too much chlorine in your index pool water turns hazardous. Ensure that you measure the right amount of chlorine as per the guidelines of your manufacturer. Usually, a chlorine measure of 1-2 ppm per liter of pool water is okay.

You might be facing an algae problem. With this, you shall have to add more chlorine than normal, that is, up to 3 ppm. Always take caution not to add too much chlorine since it might end up forming combined chlorine which does not work to clean your water and smells bad.

How to Keep Intex Pool Water Clean – Cleaning Your Pool   

Even after taking all the possible maintenance measures, your pool water shall eventually get dirty. This calls for a cleanup. This is how you should effectively do it.

Clear any foreign materials using a skimmer net    

A pool net skimmer shall let you easily fish out the floating dirt and debris from your pool water. It is advisable that you skim multiple times every day or as soon as you notice any floating debris.

A skimmer net shall cost you up to $30 with or without the telescoping pole. Choose a pole based on the radius of your index pool. Skimming on a regular basis reduces the amount of debris your filter is going to expect and the fore, fewer blockages.

Scrub your index pool walls and bottom  

The inside walls and bottom of your pool are made of soft material. Therefore, when crabbing, use a soft brush with nylon bristles, avoid using one with steel or any other bristles as this shall degrade your pool walls.

Using such an ideal brush, scrub the walls and the bottom to get rid of any dirt sticking on these surfaces. You should make it a routine to brush Avery day to avoid build-up of stubborn dirt. You can invest in an ideal brush with as little as $10-30 depending on the type and quality.

Vacuum up your pool   

After skimming and scrubbing, it is now time to vacuum up your pool. This shall handle any additional debris resulting in a clean clear pool. However, considering that a pool is much smaller, you need to choose a vacuum wisely. A heavy-duty vacuum is irrelevant here, you need to go for the small manual vacuum cleaner which is sufficient for above ground Intex pools. 

For easy chlorine introduction, use a floating dispenser

You need to introduce the correct dosage of chlorine to your pool water. To do this evenly and effectively, consider investing in a chlorine tablet dispenser. This is a floating container that you fill with your chlorine tablets and let it float around your index pool while suspension the tablets.

A typical dispenser shall cost from $30 and above. You also need to invest in chlorine tablets to put in the tablet dispenser then let it have the job done for you.

How to keep Intex Pool Water Clean – Conclusion  

Keeping your pool water clean shall make the tiresome cleaning process come less often. Cover your pool, keep a record of the pH value, use tap water, and take caution when adding chlorine. Cleaning your pool is an easy DIY job that shall take you less than half a day. Keep your index pool water clean and enjoy.