How to Heat a Hot Tub Without a Heater
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How to Heat a Hot Tub Without a Heater

Yes! Even without a heater, you can still heat your hot tub. However not as effective as your hot tub’s heater, but the process we share below is equally effective. Why would you want to know how to heat a hot tub without a heater. Most homeowners we come across have always complained about a problematic heater, it shall be either not working or being repaired. No matter how much your heater jams, a therapeutic warm shower is a must. 

Heating A Hot Tub Without A Heater 

Adding Hot Water Directly, What Are The Risks? 

Consider adding warm water directly. Now, this is risky but the only option which you have. When you add hot water directly into your hot tub, the chances of spoiling the lining are high. Most hot tubs tolerate heat up to 40° and cannot go beyond that.  

The next issue is, the heating system is designed to heat water gradually. So, for an hour, a hot tub heating system shall increase the temperature by 6°-8°. Now, adding hot water abruptly and once shall surely ruin parts of your hot tub as they are not prepared for such. 

How To Heat A Hot Tub Without A Heater Using Your Stove Or Microwave   

So, we came up with a safe secure manner in which you can get your hot tub warm without the heater. It is a simple process that needs to be done with care. Take care that you do not miss a step of the process and take caution to avoid getting yourself burnt. If you have a microwave or heater, then we can start. 

Fill your tub with water   

Start with filling your tab halfway with water. Just open your faucet and let the system complete this step for you. 

Heat water using a microwave or stove   

Utilize the largest cooking pot or microwave-safe you have. Fill water with water and bring it to boil using your stove or microwave. The water needs to get very hot and not necessarily boil. However, the hotel the water, the faster you are going to warm your hot tub.  

Add your hot water into the tub  

After your water heats up enough, carefully lift the cooking pot or safe using a potholder or any other material that can protect your hands from getting burnt. Pour the hot water into your tub and turn on the faucet.  

By turning on the faucet, the cold or Luke warm water already in the hot tub shall mix with the added warm water. Repeat the process of warming and pouring hot water into the tub. Feel the warmth of your water with every addition of hot water. Depending on the size of your hot tub and a cooking pot or microwave safe, you might spend too many hours of less than an hour to prepare enough hot water to warm your hot tub. 

To achieve the ideal warmth, keep testing the warmth status by feeling using your hand. However, you need to do this with caution since the water might get too hot sometimes. Now you can comfortably have a relaxing warm hot tub bath without a heater. 

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Maintaining The Warmth Of Your Hot Tub  

As you realize, manual warming of your hot tub is a hectic process. You already know that hot tub water keeps reducing in temperature as you take your bath and relax. If the heater was working, you only need to allow in more heated water, however, in its absence, we have to learn means of conserving or hard-earned heat. 

Get your tub preheated  

One of the ways of preventing your hot tub from cooling too soon is preheating the surface of your tub. By having your hot tub‘s surface warm before adding warm water, it shall maintain the warmth of your water. To do this, you have to initially boil and pour hot water to warm up the hot tub’s surface.  

Shut your door  

As a caution to maintains the heat within your bathroom, ensure the door to your washroom is closed. If your bath-tub has its own partition, be sure to shut it or close any curtains. This was, you shall minimize cold air from outside that makes your warm tub water cool rapidly. 

Start with hot water 

If you start with hot water, it shall take longer to cool down and hence more bathing or relaxing time. However, this needs a lot of patience since you have to wait for the hot water to cool down to tolerable temperatures.  

How To Heat A Hot Tub Without A Heater – The Practicability 

From the above guide, you realize that you can actually heat your hot tub without a heater. However, you also realize how tedious and energy-consuming the process is. Note that after such a hectic process, you might fail to achieve the exact desired results. Therefore, consider the practicality of this process. 

If you are planning to save the situation and get your heater running again, then go for it. However, you do not expect to use this method for a long time, it shall be more tormenting than rewarding. Take advantage of this leverage and get your heater working as soon as possible to avoid such straining. 

How to Heat a Hot Tub Without a Heater – Conclusion  

Warming your hot tub without a heater is slow, involving but a possible process. Just get your stove or microwave, follow the above process and you are good to go. Maintaining the heat after warming shall let you enjoy your bath for a longer time. Ensure that you stay keen and careful through the process as you shall be dealing with hot water. 

Remember, you can only use this method as a situation saver and not a long-lasting solution to a failed hot tub heater. So, whenever your heater is not running, do not also run out of options, this is how to heat a hot tub without a heater.