How to Get Sand Out of Hot Tub
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How to Get Sand Out of Hot Tub

No matter how hard you try to keep your hot tub free from sand, dirt, and debris, you will have to deal with the problem of dirty water. Maintaining cleanliness is an ongoing process. But if you are a bit careful, you can keep the problem to a minimum. In this post, we are going to discuss how to get sand out of hot tub.

Use a Vacuum

There are many types of suctioning devices and vacuums that can help you clean your hot tub. Spa wands fall into the category of manual vacuums. But a lot more powerful devices are available on the market. A mini jet vacuum works significantly faster. The device has a suction that can quickly remove sand from a hot tub.

They also come with filter bags that are good for removing large debris and leaves. Use a hot tub vacuum23 if you need to remove sand and dirt.

Use a Pool Toy

Kids often play with water squirters. These fun toys can be used to suck up sand from the bottom of your tub. Using such a toy is super easy. No matter what type of dirt or debris it is, you can easily remove it with a pool toy.

When using a pool toy, make sure you do not shoot the water back into your hot tub. Water guns can also be used for this purpose. Even kids can do it. If you are wondering how to get sand out of hot tub, this is one of the easiest ways to get the job done.

Siphon the Water Out

This one is very effective, but the procedure is not fun. With a simple garden hose, you can make a vacuum. Find a garden hose several feet long and cut the ends. Insert the hose into the hot tub water until the hose is full. Then lift the top end of your hose out of your hot tub water and bring it down to a lower level outside of your tub.

Now the other end of the hose is immersed in water. This end can work as a vacuum. Just direct this end over grit and dirt, and they will be sucked away. During this process, your tub will lose some water. If it loses too much water, make sure you refill the tub.

Searching for the best way to drain your hot tub? Here’s how to drain your hot tub with a garden hose.

Use a Spa Wand

This is basically a bigger and better version of a water squirter toy. Being long enough it can reach the bottom of your hot tub while you stand outside the water. It comes with a filter basket that prevents sand and sediment from falling back into the water. These tools are inexpensive and handy, and they last a very long time.

Use Silly Putty

You might have played with this silly tool, but it can be an effective tub cleaner. This completely waterproof toy-like thing can pick up sand and sediment from the bottom of your hot tub. Ask your kids to do it and they will happily clean the hot tub!

Use a Turkey Baster

This tool also looks a bit weird, but it is an effective hot tub cleaner. Using the tool is super easy. Put the opening close to the sediment and squeeze the bulb. It will suck up the sediment.

Use a Gritter

It is specifically designed for removing small particles, such as sand, from hot tubs. Technically, it is not very different from a turkey baster, but it comes with a big bottle that you can hold with your hand. Determine the specific area you would like to clean and place the opening of the gritter over the area. The sand will be accumulated in the bottle.

How to Get Sand Out of Hot Tub – Prevention is Key

It is simply impossible to keep your hot tub free from sand and debris. But by taking some measures, you can significantly reduce the severity of the issue. When your spa is not being used, keep it covered. On a windy day, you can consider putting up a screen. It will prevent sand from getting into the water.

If you really want to learn how to get sand out of hot tub, here is good advice for you: do not hesitate to invest in a spa vacuum. If there is only a small amount of sand in the tub, you can rely on these quick fixes.

Tips For Stopping Sand From Getting Into Your Hot Tub

Below are some tips that will help you keep your hot tub clean. Read the tips and try to follow them.

Wear garden shoes or slippers to the tub

When you walk in the yard and go to the tub, your feet will pick up sand and dust that can contaminate the water. When going to the hot tub, consider wearing a pair of cheap Crocs. Crocs do not absorb water and that is why they are better than conventional slippers. They also have a grip, which is another advantage.

Wash your feet before getting into your hot tub

Before you step into a hot tub, you should step into a dish or bowl of water. This is a hygienic practice because it removes sand, grit, and other heavy particles. If you search in the market, you will find feet-shaped bowls. A large bowl can be a cheaper alternative.

However, this method has a slight disadvantage. The water will always look clean, and you may not change the water. It is very important to change the water after a certain period of time.

Use an absorbent mat

Buy a good quality absorbent mat and keep it next to your hot tub. Turtle Mats have a latex backing. Beau Jardin also manufactures high-quality absorbent mats. They are also used for other purposes such as reducing the mess that your pet brings. The mats can effectively trap sand and dirt.

High Levels Of Calcium Can Also Cause Sediment

So far we have discussed how to get sand out of hot tub, but dissolved calcium in the water can also cause several problems, including sediment. A white watermark is the main warning sign. The watermark will appear at the waterline. The seats might feel a bit rough or sandy. The calcium limescale can get accumulated to the bottom and look like sand. 

If you do not notice any of these symptoms, chances are that the sediment is sand. And if you can not figure out whether it is sand or limescale, thoroughly dry the sediment and notice how it looks like. While calcium feels sharp and chalky, the sand feels like sand.

Removing Calcium Build-up

You can remove light calcium build-up with a piece of microfiber cloth. If the issue can not be resolved this way, you may have to use a pH altering chemical. For a few hours, set the pH level from 5 to 6. Thus you can dislodge the limescale. After that, you can remove the calcium remains with a microfiber cloth.

When the water is too acidic, avoid using your hot tub. Acidic water will irritate your skin. Before you get into your hot tub, make sure the pH level is back to the normal level, which is 7.  Calcium build-up will become a big issue if you do not know how to set pH levels.

How to Get Sand Out of Hot Tub – Conclusion

You step into your hot tub when you need to relax, calm your body and mind. You can not get the best out of your hot tub when you notice that there are sand particles in the water. But it is not really hard to resolve this issue. Hopefully, now you know how to get sand out of hot tub, and you will apply the techniques.