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How to Get Air Out of Hot Tub Lines

The role of the pump and plumbing lines in a hot tub is indispensable. Erroneous water filling leads to the airlock, which could cause erratic spurting of the jets, forcing the pump to strain to force water out through the jets. Getting the air out of your hot tub’s line doesn’t require in-depth mechanical skills. However, doing it like a pro requires you to understand some obligatory basics. Want to remove airlocks, discover how to get air out of hot tub lines here.

Instances When Hot Tub Lines May Suffer Air Lock

Airlocks are common surprises first-time hot tub owners must deal with. It’s almost common for naïve homeowners to query the usefulness of their hot tubs once they try using them for the first time. It’s not just naïve hot tub owners who call service engineers to ask for help when their hot tubs fail to dispense water. The reasons for hot tub lines not dispensing water are many, and here are the main ones.

  1. Airlocks will happen almost regularly when you’re replacing the spa water. Beginners will face this problem almost always. You can prevent your hot tub lines from airlock problems by placing the water hose close to the filter. The closeness between the filter and hose allows for a smooth flow of water into the tub, averting the formation of airlocks. It ensures all air forced into the plumbing lines get dispensed via the jets.
  2. Hot tub water lines will almost often suffer air locks when filling them for the first time. Even if you’ve been filling your previous hot tub smoothly, there are chances a new unit will suffer airlocks. That often happens if the spa was placed upright during the delivery.
  3. Servicing the heater surface, motor, or plumbing system increases the risk of airlocks. That happens when the plumbing areas in such areas get drained. It happens when air is trapped between the plumbing lines, as well.

Having difficulty knowing when your hot tub is airlocked? Here are the common hot tub air lock symptoms.

How to Get Air Out of Hot Tub Lines – Preventing Air From Getting Stuck in Plumbing Lines?

They’ll always tell you that it’s cheaper and easier to prevent the occurrence of something than to resolve its consequences. Why should you wait until air gets stuck in the plumbing lines to spend so much time and money resolving the menace, while you can prevent it? Read on to master the art of maximizing the efficiency of your hot tub and preventing air from being performed in the plumbing lines.

  1. Keep the garden hose and hot tub filter close when filling the tub. That’s the number one most recommended and relied on a solution.
  2. Bleed the hot tub pump. After you’ve filled the hot tub container with water, try bleeding the pump before you turn it on. That would get rid of any accumulated air in the water lines.
  3. Once you’ve filled the hot tub with water, try removing the filter cartridge before you turn the spa on. That ensures any air locked inside the pumps and water lines is cleared out.

How to Get Air Out of Hot Tub Lines – The Steps

Stuck between a rock and hard surface, and wondering how on earth will you ever get your newly bought or replenished hot tub working? The right hot tub air lock troubleshooting techniques can get everything working fine in minutes. Lean on our wall of wisdom and knowledge to understand the basics to force out the air stuck in your hot tub water lines, making your hot tub unable to execute its roles.

Get the Air Out Via the Circuit Breaker

Don’t let circulation problems or HH errors on the hot tub’s control panel get your mind worked up. Air pocketed in the pipework is a big nuisance, but you can get things sorted out through these amicably effective tricks.

  1. While on your hot tub’s features, locate its on/off switch and pull it towards the off direction.
  2. Pull the cabinet panel open to access the plumbing components, including the motor and pump.
  3. Underneath the cabinet panel, you’ll discover the pipes running through the pump and motor. These will be attached to the hot tub via union nuts. Use a screwdriver or spanner to release loose the nuts, so the air stuck in the water lines can be channeled out. You must tighten the union nut back after all the air is released.
  4. Put on the circuit break alongside the jets and pump. If all the air was removed, water would smoothly flow from the hot tub jets. In case no water comes out, you may have to repeat the process above, making sure you do it more accurately.

Bleed the Air Out

You can forcefully expense the air out via the bleeder valve. It’s a simple way out to ensure the air struck between your water lines is removed.

  1. First, unlock the hot tub components by removing the front panel.
  2. Identify the bleeder plug, which is mostly found close to the pump. It’s often a thin and short tab engineered specially to help in bleeding the pump during maintenance chores.
  3. Untighten the bleeder plug with your hand. That will let air flow out. Once all the hissing sound is going, hard press the jet button to check whether it works. It may as well help clear off any remaining air.

How to Get Air Out of Hot Tub Lines – Conclusion

Forceful dispensation of the air struck in hot tub water lines is a journey of many miles that starts with a few steps. Every step counts, and your devotion to completing each of the steps precisely determines whether your journey will be a success or not.

Don’t be too primitive not to observe and implement each of the steps; otherwise, it will be a futile process. You can as well prevent air from getting locked in the water lines by observing the tricks mentioned. If after trying all the tricks of how to get air out of hot tub lines, the results still sickens your heart, you can source for the professional help from experienced service engineers.