how to drain a bestway pool
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How to Drain a Bestway Pool

Best way pools are one of the best above ground pools. With the large volume of water above the ground, you might be left wondering how to drain a bestway pool safely without the obvious destruction such water can cause. This step by step guide shall help you drain your pool fast and easy.

After successfully setting up, filling your pool, and having a great time swimming with your family and friends, you shall need to drain the overused water. 

How to Drain a Bestway Pool – Reasons to Drain Your Pool? 

Replacing overused water  

Bestway above the ground pools has a cover to prevent debris. However, after some time, some shall find their way in. You shall have treated your pool water multiple times leading to too much chlorine concentration. This shall make you want to clear your pool.

Shifting the location of your pool

Minds and preferences do change. You might have some new function for that backyard point that holds your best way pool or prefer your pool to be at a different location. Still, you might be moving out and need to carry your pool along. The only trick here is draining your pool.

To replace your pool liner

In case your pool liner is worn out, you shall have to replace it. However, you cannot do a replacement with a full pool, you need to drain it fast if you need so but safety is mandatory.

How to Drain a Bestway Pool – Step by Step Guide     

How long shall it take?    

The time it shall take you to drain your bestway pool shall vary. Smaller pools shall take a short while, usually an hour or so. For larger pools, it can take 6 hours and more. You do not have to worry since most of the time shall be spent waiting for your set up to drain the water. 

You only need to prepare and set up as we shall guide you and watch things happen.

Find a place where you shall drain the water to 

Pool water is full of chemicals, thereby, draining it has to be done to a safe point. If you plan on draining it to your yard, ensure that the plants won’t get affected by the chemicals. If you plan to channel it elsewhere, ensure that you confirm that such action shall not go against your local authorities’ regulations. 

Remember, it shall be a large amount of water and can even flood a small yard. Ensure you find a place that can accommodate large volumes of water with chemicals safely.

Consider the draining method

There are a number of methods you can use to drain water from a bestway pool. The two major ones are through a hosepipe and using a submersible water pump. Each of these comes with their own advantages and disadvantages. Your choice shall depend on the speed, the reason for the draining, and the budget you need.  

Using a hosepipe 

This is an effective method when you’re not planning to drain your pool completely. It is a cheaper method considering that you shall only need to fix it and let the water flow out. However, expect a slower draining rate.

To make a hosepipe drain faster, increase the width of the pipe you plan to use. For reasons such as minor repairs and chemical balancing, you do not have to completely drain your pool, you can consider using a hosepipe.

Using a submersible pump  

A pump is the most effective and costly method of draining your bestway pool. A pump speeds up the draining rate making the job end faster. Another advantage is that a pump empties all the water, unlike a hose pipe which leaves some water. 

When you want to do replacements, shifting the location and major repairs, this is the method to go.

However, expect a hike in your electricity bills and extra bucks for buying a submersible pump.


Due to the expensive nature of using a submersible pump. Use a hosepipe to drain your pool when your needs do not require complete drain out. Use a hosepipe to drain a good amount of water before you use a submersible pump to completely clear the water when you need to dictate so.  

Now start the training process.   

Starting a siphon 

In case you have chosen to go with the hosepipe method or need to start with it before the siphon pump, do this to start a siphon.

  • First, connect one end of your hose pipe to a water tap or any other source  
  • Dip the other end into your bestway pool and open the tap 
  • Let the water run from the tap to fill your pipe
  • Now disconnect your hose pipe from the tap cautiously and bend its end to prevent the water from running out
  • Direct your hose pipe to the place you selected to drain the water to and release it to start draining

Using a submersible pump  

Follow your pump’s manual to set it up. Direct the hose pipe connected to your pump to the area you selected to dump the water to start.

An option to clear the remaining water in case you don’t have a pump.  

If you don’t plan to use a submersible pump but still need a complete drain. Pick a bucket or any other relevant container and scoop out the water. This shall, of course, be a time consuming and labor-intensive option.

Drying out your pool

If you’re planning to replace the liner or need to keep your pool, you have to dry it to prevent the development of mold.

To dry your pool, you can use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. If you’re not prepared for such an extra budget, you can leave your pool in the open sunlight to dry. Leaving it out in the sun comes with a disadvantage of cracking, discoloration, and more.

Final Word  

How to drain a bestway pool depends on your intentions for draining, needs, and budget. Draining your pool using a pump might cost you a lot, you better use the two methods. Pool water can be harmful to plants. Drain safely, keep, repair, or fill your pool again and enjoy.