how to clean hot tub
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How to Clean Hot Tub

Slime and dirty water can make an elegant hot tub look unattractive. So, it is very important to clean your hot tub regularly. A hot tub is relatively easier to clean than a swimming pool. However, the former requires more regular draining and refilling. In this post, we are going to discuss how to clean hot tub.

Flush the Lines

Many different types of bacteria and mold can grow in a hot tub, partly because of the right temperature. If you do not flush the lines, and just replace the water, the new water will get contaminated. In order to keep the tub clean, you need to flush the lines with a cleaner.

Just visit a pool supply store or a hardware store and you will find a line flush. There are many different brands to choose from. You have to apply the line flush depending on the product you are using. Read the instructions. The tub will run efficiently and smoothly if the lines are flushed properly.

Turn Off Power

Make sure the power is turned off because forgetting to do it can result in a disaster. If the pump kicks on when there is very little water, the filtering mechanism and the motor can get damaged. Go to the fuse box and turn off the power. Make sure you turn off both the circuit breaker and the switch because others can accidentally switch it on. If you really want to learn how to clean hot tub, remember this important part.

Drain the Water

When you buy a hot tub, you get an instruction manual. The manual should say how you should drain water. In most cases, you have to use a drain plug or a built-in sump pump to drain the water. If you notice a dirty discharge, make sure your tub is completely empty. To remove line particles, rinse your tub.  

Here’s how to clean a hot tub without draining it.      

Use a Hot Tub Cleaner

Hot tub cleaners are specially designed to cut through dirt and grime. Cleaners usually contain abrasive particles that can cause damage to the shell of a hot tub. That is why you should use a hot tub cleaner particularly designed for this purpose. Use a hose to apply the cleaner to the interior of the tub.

You will not have to deal with germ aggression and buildup if your hot tub shells are acrylic shells. In that case, feel free to use a general-purpose cleaner to clean your hot tub. Do not worry if it is a mild cleaner. Rinse the inner shell out once you have cleaned it thoroughly. Do not leave the cleaner in the tub. Even a very small amount of cleaner can damage the surface of your tub.

Thoroughly Clean the Filters

Around the pump, there is a cabinet or access panel. You have to access the filters through the access panel or cabinet. If there are catches holding the casing in place, you may need to unscrew the catches. Before you take the catches apart, remember how the filter is assembled. If it looks complicated, you can take a picture. That way you will know how it should look when you have assembled it.

Use a jet of water to spray the filters off. You can use a high-pressure, normal nozzle. If you use a brush, dirt will get entrenched. So, avoid using a brush. Use a tub cleaner to clean the filter cabinet. Before you learn how to clean hot tub, you have to choose the right tub cleaner.

Find some oil-cutting solution and place the filter in the solution for about an hour. Read the instruction manual of your hot tub and you will find recommendations for the appropriate solution. But if there is no instruction regarding it in the manual, you can go to a local pool supply store and ask for help.

Run the Filters Through Some Dishwasher

If you fail to find an oil-cutting solution, here is an alternative for you. Use a high-powered spray filter and remove grime from them. After that, put the filters into some dishwater. Make sure the dishwasher is mild.

To make sure your filters are cleaned properly, turn the filters over in between the cycles. Remember, you should do it according to the instructions in the manual. If you are wondering how to clean hot tub, don’t be lazy when it comes to reading the user manual. Read the instructions carefully before you put the filters in the dishwasher.

Reinstall the Filters

This is a very easy process. What you have to do is to slide your filter into the coupling. After that, you have to press the panel. But if the design is a bit complicated, you can see the picture that you took earlier. You must put all fasteners and necessary parts in place. If you are wondering how to clean hot tub, reinstalling the filters is something that you must learn.

Isolate Problem Areas

Use some cleaning agents to effectively clean the dirtiness in the tub. To remove white water lines, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar. Make sure the proportion is 1:1. Find the afflicted areas and apply the solution to the areas. To wipe and scrub the areas, you can use a rag or sponge. Visit a hardware store and you will find a rag especially designed for this purpose.

Apply some olive oil to the stained areas. The sap will eventually break up. Then soak a rag in some soapy water and clean the surface with the rag. Don’t scrub too vigorously. Mild scrubbing is just fine.

Pour Water to the Water Line

If you want to learn how to clean hot tub, remember this. In a sense, it is all about pouring water to the waterline. First, run water through the filter. The hose can be placed inside the filter. The goal is to let water flow through your filter. The water will finally reach the reservoir of your tub.

Set the Power Switch to “ON”

If the circuit breaker is turned off, you have to set it ON before you reactivate the tub. Allow the tub to run for several minutes. Listen to the filter and notice if there is any odd noise. If you notice such noises, the filter has been improperly reinstalled. You also have to turn the air valves off. When your hot tub is treated with water, the tub will not aerate excessively.

Add Recommended Chemicals To The Water

Your particular model will determine what combination you should use for your tub. As a rule of thumb, you are going to need a pH balancer, a sanitizer, and a shock agent. Once you have added the treatment chemicals, cover the hot tub, which is clean now. Wait for some time while the chemicals work.

Once the time has passed, test the hot tub. Make sure the pH and chlorine levels are within the range. Read the user manual and you will find the recommended levels.


A hot tub requires regular cleaning. The process is not complicated at all. If you are not too lazy, you will find the process easy. No matter how busy you are, you should find some time to clean your hot tub. We have tried to discuss how to clean hot tub, and we hope the discussion will help you clean your hot tub.