How Often to Add Chlorine to the Hot Tub
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How Often to Add Chlorine to the Hot Tub

The question on how often to add chlorine to the hot tub should be separately answered by each particular hot tub owner. This is because the best way to know when your hot tub needs more chlorine is by testing for available chlorine levels. There are a number of factors that affect the frequency with which you add chlorine to your hot tub. 

For instance, a busy hot tub shall need chlorine frequently than an unused one. Consider the following to know how often to add chlorine to the hot tub. 

 How Does Chlorine Work?  

 To easily decide when and how often chlorine should be added to your hot tub, let’s first understand how chlorine works. After being added to water, chlorine creates hypochlorous acid by dissolving. The acid then kills any bacteria in your hot tub water. 

Hypochlorous acid shall react with other substances in your hot tub water and eventually get deactivated. This is the reason behind the regular addition of chlorine, and from what you realize, chlorine should be added as soon as the last time is exhausted. 

For the best performance, your chlorine levels need to be maintained at 3-5 milligrams per liter. Depending on the activities and using habits, chlorine can be added on a daily basis or once after 3 days. Still, your chlorine addition schedule shall depend on your custom factors. 

 Now, How Do You Know That The Current Supply Is Exhausted?   

 In order to know when your hot tub needs chlorine, you have to test for chlorine levels in your water. Chlorine test strips come in handy whenever you think of testing chlorine amounts in your hot tub water. Free chlorine in your tub water should maintain at 2-4ppm for a healthy hot tub. Chloramines should be under 0.2ppm.  

Low levels of chlorine in you got tub call for the addition of more chlorine. In case you find out that free chlorine is too low, that is below 3ppm, then you need to shock your hot tub. 

How Long Does Chlorine Last In My Hot Tub? 

For you to identify any abnormal chlorine needs of your hot tub, you need to know how long your tub holds chlorine under normal circumstances. Chlorine lasts differently for individual hot tub owners depending on their routine management and usage practices. 

Chlorine lasts for a shorter period in hot tubs that it does in cold water swimming pools. This is because chlorine dissolves faster in hot eater and is not stable in hot water. Except chlorine to last in your hot tub from 3-7 days. 

A high number of people means more germs and more work for chlorine. Therefore, for a busy hot tub, expect to add chlorine every 3 days. If you had a tub party last night and experienced a lot of splashes, you need to add water and chlorine the next day. 

If you have strictly followed the maintenance practices, more chances are that your tub can hold effective chlorine for up to 7 days. So, it all boils down to you. 

 How Often To Add Chlorine To The Hot Tub   

 Chlorine should be added as soon as it goes low. Hot tubs specifically experience more traffic per 1000 liters of water. It is therefore expected to have more contaminants than a pool. Due to this reason, a hot tub needs more free chlorine than a pool. 

You can test your hot tub for free chlorine on a daily basis for a busy tub and after 3 days for a hot tub with few user sessions per day. Whenever you realize low free chlorine levels, do not wait for a fixed schedule, get to work, and balance it immediately. 

Do you have a new hot tub and wondering if you can use a chlorine tablet in it? Here’s all you need to about using chlorine tablets in your hot tub.

Why Is My Hot-tub Losing Chlorine Too Often? 

By too often, you mean a hot tub that loses all chlorine within a day or two after addition. Now, this is a common problem with hot tubs, especially when there is a build-up of biofilms in your hot tub jets and plumbing system. It is both disturbing and expensive to sanitize your hot tub every morning with chlorine. This is not a normal hot-tub sanitation sequence and we have a solution below. 

Organic contaminants and biofilms are the culprits.    

After a while of using, the plumbing of your hot tub develops biofilms. Combined with organic contaminants that flow into the plumbing and jets, this build-up needs different cleaning criteria. This is because such a build-up consumes much chlorine that tries to clean it up. This results in low levels of chlorine every morning in your test. 

So next time when you’re planning to drain and refill your hot tub, take advantage and purge the plumbing system of your hot tub. There are a number of effective purging products that can help you out there. Purging shall ensure that all the deep-seated biofilms and organic contaminants are flushed out of your hot tub.  

Should I Use Bromine In Place Of Chlorine? 

Bromine performs the same sanitizing function that chlorine does. However, Bromine doesn’t break down in high temperatures as chlorine does. This quality makes bromine last longer in hot tubs so that you do not have to replace more often. However, chlorine is cheaper but you shall have to buy more in a week compared to bromine. 

How Often to Add Chlorine to the Hot Tub – Conclusion.  

How often to add chlorine to the hot tub shall depend on your own hot tub usage and maintenance practices. While poorly maintained hot tubs might require the addition of chlorine daily, a hot tub in good condition shall demand less. 

A hot tub with many users is expected to have more germs and shall consume more chlorine that a hot tub that is used less often. Remember, maintenance of your hot tub does not end at the surface, your plumbing interacts with tub water and needs maintenance. 

A well run hot tub, with the recommended number of users and strict and detailed maintenance practices shall need chlorine after every 7 days of the last addition.