how much is a built-in pool
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How Much Is a Built-in Pool?    

Planning to build an inbuilt poll for your home or business? The first thing you shall ask yourself is, how much is a built-in pool? The answer here shall depend on a lot of variables. What size of the inbuilt pool are you planning to buy? What style do you need for your pool? What material do you need to be used? We are here to help you get an accurate approximation of how much your built-in pool is going to cost.   

How Much Is a Built-in Pool – Main Considerations That Determine the Price of An In-built Pool?  

There are two main considerations when estimating the price of a pool. This is:

  • The initial capital for buying a pool. 
  • The maintenance capital for your bought pool.  

We shall start with the initial cost for being an inbuilt vinyl, concrete, and fiberglass pool. Later we shall look at the maintenance costs to give you the full picture.

What Is the Initial Cost of An Inbuilt Concrete Pool?  

Concrete pools need a professional set-up and cannot have any DIY process. For this reason, you shall have to cater to all the costs from start to finish. Usually, depending on the size and type, a concrete pool cost $50,000 – $100,000. However, as we shall see later, the maintenance cost of a concrete pool is where the real cost is.

How Much Is a Built-in Pool? The Initial Cost of Buying a Vinyl Pool 

Despite the decreasing popularity of vinyl pools, they still attract a lot of buyers. One of the main reasons or the continued purchase is the cheap initial capital you need to set up one. Vinyl pools are this cheap due to their allowance for DIY installation that you can do from the start to finish.

A typical base vinyl liner costs between $20,000 – $40,0000 and above while turn-key vinyl packages start from $35,000 – $60,000 and above. These costs shall vary depending on the size and your needs.

What of Fiberglass Inbuilt Pool Initial Cost  

Fiberglass pools come in different packages with varying initial costs. Therefore, we shall break this down into the four available packages.  We have:

  • Self-installation fiberglass package 
  • The assisted installation fiberglass package  
  • Basic installation fiberglass pool package    
  • And finally the turnkey fiberglass pool package     

Self-installation fiberglass inbuilt pool package  

As you can already guess, a self-installed fiberglass pool shall be cheaper since you get to do away with the installation cost. However, you shall have to spend less amount installing compared to what you would have paid for it. 

The total initial capital of the self-installation package shall include the product and the delivery cost. The price shall vary depending on the place of delivery and size of a fiberglass pool. There are three sizes, the small, medium, and large.

A typical large pool shall cost up to $8,000 -$ 12,000 or more while a medium one shall go for $12,0000 – $17,000 or more. The large size shall cost between $17,000 – $24,000.  

The delivery cost shall largely depend on the expected place of delivery. The cost shall roughly range from $600 – $2,600.     

The assisted installation fiberglass initial cost  

With an assisted installation, you share the installation process with the pool seller. That is, they handle some stuff while you handle the remaining. The company handles:  

  • All the plumbing and the filter system.  
  • Partly backfilling the pool, lining the walls, and all the needed plumbing. 

You are the one to pay for the hole, full backfilling, and most finishing processes. This one is a bit expensive compared to the self-installation process. The initial price starts from $35,000-$55,000 or more depending on the company.

Basic installation fiberglass pool package – How much is the cost?     

This package caters for almost everything to get your pool running, that is:   

  • The pool and delivery to the site.  
  • All the plumbing and filter the system set-up.  
  • Provision of backfilling gravel plus the water to fill your new pool.  
  • Concrete for finishing an area around your pool.  
  • Swimming pool construction permit.  

Different companies offer varying services for this package and therefore charge differently. It is advisable that you confirm with your chosen company for the exact quote. This package shall cost you from $10,000 per square feet.  

Turn-key fiberglass inbuilt pool initial cost   

This is the best option when you are not ready to handle anything, that is, you only want to pay and get a complete fully-fledged fiberglass swimming pool. This package shall usually cost from $45,000 to $85,000 and more. Considering that they handle everything, this can be a very good option when you need peace of mind and are busy with other stuff.

How Much Is a Built-in Pool – Maintenance Costs?  

When it comes to maintenance, concrete pools are the most expensive. These shall need a lot of maintenance practices including washing the pool shell, plaster for the interior finishing, and continuous cleaning services which the other methods do not require.

A concrete pool costs approximately $28,000 for maintenance.

A vinyl pool shall need replacement, chemicals, and electricity usage. The rough maintenance cost shall be about $12,000.

Fiberglass inground swimming pools are the cheapest when it comes to maintenance. They only need the chemicals and electricity which shall cost approximately $4,000 to maintain.

How Much Is a Built-in Pool? A Final Word 

The cost of constructing an inbuilt pool shall depend on the type and your needs. As much as the initial cost of concrete inbuilt pools is low, the maintenance cost shall be very high. Fiberglass has the highest initial cost with very minimal maintenance cost amounts. For an average option, you can go for the vinyl inbuilt pool type. 

However, be prepared to do the vinyl replacement which can be involving. Overall, fiberglass pools become the most economical in the long run. We hope you can now comfortably estimate the cost of your planned inbuilt swimming pool.