Hot Tub Maintenance Cost
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Hot Tub Maintenance Cost

A hot tub can soothe your muscles and make your evenings romantic. But these advantages come at a cost: you have to pay for the maintenance of your hot tub. Many people do not buy hot tubs, thinking that the maintenance of a hot tub is expensive. If you are interested in learning about the costs, you will find this post helpful. Here we are going to discuss hot tub maintenance cost.

As an owner of an above ground hot tub, you have to be ready to spend some money on its installation and maintenance. You need to find a solid ground where you can place the tub. Make a level surface if you do not already have a spa pad, a deck, or a concrete slab ready.

Keeping your hot tub functional is not a one-time project. Rather it is an ongoing process. A range of factors determines the price of that process. Is the tub used or new? Do you have insurance on it? However, here are some aspects of maintenance that are applicable to all types of hot tubs:

Hot Tub Specifications

All hot tubs are not the same. They vary in materials, dimensions, and functionality. These factors determine the maintenance cost of your hot tub. When choosing a hot tub, you have to consider factors such as pump power, water capacity, heater power, wattage, lighting, jets, seats, and some other features.

A higher-end hot tub will initially cost more than a lower-end model, but the ongoing maintenance cost is low. If the insulation and circulation pump are of high-quality, you will not have to worry too much about maintenance costs. As a result, you will end up saving some money in the long run.

If you really want to get a fairly clear idea about the maintenance costs, you can consider talking to a retailer. A retailer can provide you with the right information and help you understand different aspects of hot tub maintenance cost. Find a hot tub retailer.


To get an accurate quote, talk to a retailer. Several factors determine the cost. These factors include the location, size, and type of the project. A “standard installation” might cost more. If the installation site is a bit tricky, the installation will cost more. Your dealer can guide you through the process.

Maintenance Costs for Water

The water in a hot tub is supposed to be crystal clear and restorative. If it is infested with mold spores, algae, and bacteria, you will not enjoy the experience of sinking into your hot tub. But you will have to spend some money to keep your hot tub fresh and clean.

To balance chemicals such as bromine and chlorine, you will have to spend up to $65 per month. This estimate comes from an expert. There are some high-tech solutions as well. For example, you can use ultraviolet light to kill components in the water that are harmful. The replacement bulb will cost about $72 per month.

Every few years, you will have to replace your hot tub filters. The recommended time frame is 3 years, according to the Caldera Spas Company. The prices of filters vary wildly: from $25 to $65. Replacing the filters is not something you have to do often, but it is still a part of your hot tub maintenance cost. 

Make sure that the filters are cleaned regularly. To combat calcification or minerals, you can use Leisure Time Filter Cleaner, which costs only $15.

Stagnant water invites bacteria, which can be harmful to your skin. Make sure that all the water is drained from the machine several times a year. There is an easy way to calculate the cost.

First, find out the water capacity of your tub. Then figure out how many times you drain the tub every year. Now multiply these two numbers. Divide the number by 12. This is how much water you use every month. Find how much fee you have to pay per gallon. Multiply these numbers.

Tub Cleanliness

Cleanliness will take up a significant portion of your hot tub maintenance cost. If your tub is filthy, even hygienic water can be dangerous. Use a skimmer net to catch and remove bugs, dirt, and leaves. A skimmer net will not cost more than $25. You can easily find one on Amazon.

Buy a cover to protect your hot tub from the ravages of wind and sun. A cover can cost from $40 to $350. However, it is also important to clean the cover itself. And if you do not have time to do that, you can consider buying a vinyl cover.

If you’re a hot tub owner, here are the best ways to clean your hot tub.


These days, hot tubs are not heated over logs or coals. They are run by natural gas or electricity. The National Grid Utility has calculated that on average a hot tub owner in New York spends about $25 to power the machine.


Over the last decade, hot tubs have become more energy-efficient. Several factors determine the electricity costs. These factors include the usage of the hot tub, the water temperature, and the price of the unit per kilowatt.

Annually, an electric hot tub consumes around 2000 K/W of electricity. The national average is nearly 12 cents per K/W. That means, if you are a hot tub owner, you will have to pay about $240 in a year.

In some cases, the energy bills of a hot tub can be horrifying. It can be the case if the hot tub is an old model. In order to reduce the costs, the heat should be turned down in off-peak hours. If you want to significantly reduce hot tub maintenance cost, make sure the heat is turned off when you are not using the tub.

To reduce energy consumption, you can also use a thermal blanket. A solar blanket will cost about $30. It will prevent your hot tub machinery from getting frozen. You may or may not need to buy a solar blanket. It depends on where you live. If you are not living in a region too cold, your hot tub may not need a solar blanket.

Miscellaneous Fixes

Remember, hot tubs are not infallible. Apart from the other maintenance costs mentioned above, there are some other costs. Pumps will fall and pipes will leak at some point. A cheaper tub will not last as long as a higher-end model. For repairs, you will have to pay about $40 in a year.

As we have already mentioned, keeping your hot tub functional is an ongoing process. You will always have to be careful about the maintenance of your hot tub. The tub will always require replacing filters, balancing the water, and refilling the tub. Your dealer can tell you what basic supplies and products you need to buy for your hot tub. To learn more, you can do some research online.

Hot Tub Maintenance Cost – Conclusion

Owning a hot tub is exciting, but at the same time, it is a responsibility. A hot tub is good for your physical and mental health. But in order to maintain the tub, you will have to be ready to pay some hidden costs. We have tried to discuss everything you need to know about hot tub maintenance cost, and we hope now you know a little bit more about the maintenance cost of a hot tub.