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Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist – The Ultimate Guide

Even before you embark on the purchase journey, you already know hot tubs need thorough and frequent maintenance. Though maintaining a hot tub is intimidatingly labor-intensive, we’re here to help you keep your hot tub in working condition and reset the control panel. With this hot tub maintenance checklist, you can wash, clean, and replenish your spa, keeping the water clean and fresh, and the tub fully functioning.

Understanding the Hot Tub Maintenance Basics  

Spending time in a hot tub is incredibly fun. Maintaining the tub in the best condition is a different thing altogether. Getting your hot tub cleaned and maintained comes with its share of requirements and challenges.

A proper hot tub maintenance checklist must make you understand the basics of proper maintenance to minimize errors. In maintaining a hot tub, you’ve to master its circulation, chemistry, and cleaning demands.

Hot Tub Circulation

Proper hot tub water circulation optimizes the eradication of debris, ensuring your water remains clean and germ-free. The moderate hot water tubs have an average running time of 20 minutes for complete circulation. The circulation system takes longer for smaller pumps and larger hot tubs.

The filter and pump play a crucial role in aiding circulation. So, endeavor to keep the filters clean and the pump in good condition if you want to save on maintenance costs and time. You’ve to clean the hot tub’s filters at least twice a week.

Hot Tub Cleaning

You can clean your hot tub when filled with water or when empty. Cleaning a hot tub when full involves skimming visible debris from the surface or spa vacuuming the areas underneath water using a pole. Spa vacuuming is ideal for cleaning off all the bugs and debris stuck at the bottom of the tub.

Cleaning the hot tub when empty involves first draining the water in the tub, after which you should clean the unit. It is more thorough and guarantees a cleaner hot tub. You’ve to clean your hot tub this way at least once every two months.

Hot Tub Chemistry

It’s mandatory to test and balance your hot tub’s chemistry if you’ve to keep the water clean and the tub fit for use. Keep balancing the hot tub while cleaning it regularly to achieve optimal circulation and maintain the entire system working properly.

Try mastering the hot tub’s chemistry so that you better understand how to regulate the chemical levels, eliminate unnecessary elements, and clean the unit as per set schedules.

Hot Tub Maintenance Supplies and Tools

What’s a hot tub maintenance checklist without the tools needed. In maintaining your hot tub in shape, you’ve got to understand which chemicals and tools to use. But before then, you must understand how the use of different chemicals will affect the chemistry of your hot tub water. Keep the sanitizer at the right levels to minimize bacteria growth. 

As well, maintain the alkalinity and pH levels under control to avoid damaging the hot tub or its hardware. Watch out for these essential chemicals needed to keep a hot tub’s water chemistry in control.

  1. Sanitizer—when it comes to hot tub sanitizers, you’ve choices ranging from chlorine, bromine, copper, silver, and biguanide. Chlorine is the most active saltwater ingredient and the most used sanitizer in most hot tubs. Biguanide is the most costly and most powerful choice that’s rarely used in average hot tubs.
  2. PH—watch over the hot tub’s pH, ensuring it stays balanced to optimize the work of the sanitizer. Endeavor to keep the pH level at 7.5, and never let it go above 7.8 or drop below 7.1 as that could damage the hot tub.
  3. Alkalinity—alkalinity acts to buffer the pH level, preventing it from going way above the recommended levels. Endeavor to balance the alkalinity before pH when adjusting the water pH and alkalinity levels to optimize performance.
  4. Stabilizer—this chemical is ideal for preventing the burning of chlorine by UV rays.
  5. Calcium—add some calcium to your hot tub to keep it not so hard or too soft for incredible baths.

Hot Tub Maintenance Checklist—When to Clean Your Hot Tub

Cleaning the hot tub every so often doesn’t hurt. Doing it before and after use is highly recommended. So when should I clean my hot tub? Find out below.

Before Taking a Hot Bath

  • Normalize checking and updating your hot tub before use. Check your spa’s chemical balance using a standard test strip. Adjust the alkalinity and pH when necessary to optimize circulation and the hot tub’s life.
  • Check the hot tub’s water temperature. If using the economy setting, heat the water first before you immerse yourself inside. Keep the water temperature between 101 and 104 for more comfortable baths.
  • Examine the drain covers to ensure they are tight and not broken

Daily maintenance tips

  • Examine the hot tub daily to ensure the cover fits well. Ensuring the hot tub cover is well fitted can save you a lot in lost heat.
  • Consider running the hot tub’s filtration system for about three hours a day to maintain optimal water cleanliness.

Weekly hot water tub maintenance

  • Test the tub’s salinity, pH level, and alkalinity and maintain it balanced and safe for use.
  • Examine and clean the water shell and line using vinegar, cloth, or hot tub cleaner.
  • Evaluate the hot tub filter and rinse it clean to protect the water from debris and water crystals.
  • Monthly Maintenance Tips for Your Hot Tub
  • Endeavor to deep clean the hot tub filter once a month using a dedicated filter cleaning chemical.
  • Thoroughly clean the hot tub interior and exterior using diluted bleach to eradicate all the grown musty odors, mold, and mildew.
  • Use calcium chloride to troubleshoot calcium hardness problems.

Annual hot tub maintenance tips

  • If possible, drain off the hot tub and thoroughly clean it once a year. That will get the filters, cabinet, and shell thoroughly cleaned, which can extend the unit’s useful life.
  • You may as well want to do a plumbing system flush to get rid of any accumulated bacterial and stubborn debris.


A clean and fully functional hot tub is every hot tub owner’s desire. We’ll know what happens when a hot water tub is left unattended for long. The filters will fail, pump malfunction and the exterior get corroded. We don’t want such awful things to happen to your hot tub, and that’s why we recommend you use this hot tub maintenance checklist.