Hot Tub Air Lock Symptoms and the Ultimate Guide to Troubleshoot them
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Hot Tub Air Lock Symptoms and the Ultimate Guide to Troubleshoot Them

Draining and refilling hot tubs is a mandatory periodic maintenance tip. Observing all the safety protocols when replacing your hot tub’s water does minimize airlock. Want to learn more about hot tub air lock symptoms? These are the signs of air locked hot tubs and the main troubleshooting tips. 

Airlock happens when air gets trapped in the tub when you’re refilling water. Air locked hot tubs won’t generate water jets rather air fizzes. If you notice that the pump shaft is spinning and the motors are humming, but no water is being dispensed, you should know right away that the hot tub is air locked. 

Signs and Symptoms of Hot Tub Air Locks

Been searching for the hot tub air lock symptoms? The following are the signs:

  • No water flow into your hot tub’s jets 
  • Makes noise but does not dispense hot water 
  • The high surge of air bubbles 
  • The Pump generates a humming sound, but no water comes out of the jets 

Guide on How to Prevent Hot Tub Air Lock 

The release of air through the hot tub’s jets indicates an airlock problem. The air is mostly trapped in the plumbing lines or tub. Not flashing out the air on time risks the whole unit getting damaged. 

With the right preventive measures, you can prevent the creation of airlocks. The most effective precautionary measure is to place the hose inside the unfilled filter canister rather than the tub.

It directs the water to fill the pump and internal plumbing alongside the tub first, leaving no room for the airlock to form. 

Watch out to ensure you put off the fault circuit interrupter to drain off any water that could cause airlocks. Open the bleed valve with a screwdriver until water oozes and then close it.

By so doing, you’ll prevent air from being channeled back to the plumbing system causing airlocks to form. Lastly, confirm to be sure all the hot tub water jets are working properly once you turn on the Pump.

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How To Fix Hot Tub Air Locks 

Experts recommend these two highly effective hot tub air lock removal techniques-which are:

Burping the hot tub

In burping a hot tub, these are the steps to follow.

  1. Provide the air a smooth pathway out by opening the hot tub’s jets. 
  2. Before then, put off the hot tub’s heater. You can do it through the circuit breaker or control panel. You don’t want an instance when the heater heats the air flowing out as that will not only add to unnecessary costs but also create some kind of hazard.
  3. Once done, turn on the jets and let them flow for about 15 seconds before you turn them off. You’ll notice some air bubbles flowing out through the jets.
  4. Now put on the jets again and let them flow for about 30 seconds before you turn them off instantly. You’ll notice more and stronger air bubbles.
  5. Once again, turn on the jets and let them flow for about 45 seconds before you turn them off. You’ll notice mightier and more air bubbles.
  6. Lastly, power on the jets and let them flow until no more air bubbles form. 
  7. Watch out to gauge the mightiness of the air bubbles generated in each step. In case you notice that the jets no longer produce air bubbles, don’t continue the burping process. That will indicate a bigger airlock problem, and continuing with the process may end up damaging the pumps of your hot tub. Service engineers will know how to troubleshoot such hot tub air lock symptoms.

Troubleshoot the airlock via the pump’s bleeder valve

If the above troubleshooting technique fails, try releasing the air trapped in the pump area via the Pump’s bleeder valve. You’ll need to have a screwdriver and angled tongue-and-groove pliers. 

  1. Put off the mains power switch directing power to the hot tub. Working when the electricity is on risks you being executed or the hot tub experiencing short circuits.
  2. Detach the front control panel from the hot tub. You can easily and quickly do so using a screwdriver. If it proves a challenge, you can follow the instructions outlined in the owner’s manual. In case you’ve no access to the user manual, check the manufacturer’s website for instructions.
  3. The control panel conceals most of the hot tub’s parts and equipment. Once it’s out, you’ll have access to those components. Now try looking out for the union nut connecting the hot tub to the plumbing motor. 
  4. Manually untighten the union nut. If it proves a challenge, use a wrench to untighten it. You should untighten the nut until the sound of air is heard.
  5. Continue untightening until you notice water leaks. The water can only leak out if all the air trapped inside the unit has been eliminated.
  6. So, once water leaks start popping up, you should tauten the union nut to its original position. Attach the control panel back and connect the hot tub to power. Put the unit on, and you’ll be amazed to realize that the airlock problem has been troubleshot.

Hot Tub Air Lock Symptoms – Conclusion 

These techniques will only troubleshoot hot tub air lock symptoms only if the air is locked inside the lines or hot tub. That means if the problem is caused by leaks, clogs, or dirty filters, you shouldn’t expect any positive results.

Your hot water tub won’t dispense water if the filter is dirty. Clogging will slow or even block the flow of water. Also, a hot water tub may not dispense water if the water levels are below the skimmer.

Repeat each of the processes several times before you give up. If none of these processes work, you may have to call a service engineer.