do pool screens block UV rays
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Do Pool Screens Block UV Rays?

Do pool screens block UV rays? We get this common query from a number of people. Maybe you’re worried whether this covers combat UV rays also. Pool screens have been around to protect your pool from disasters such as bugs and yes, the sun. Though they allow some sunlight to pass through, it isn’t intense like in the case of an open pool, however, you’re not guaranteed full UV rays screening. Some shall anxiously pass through. Let us understand what pool screens are and what they can protect you from.

What Are Pool Screens?   

Pool screens are pool enclosures. These are structures that are designed to cover a pool without affecting your swimming activities while keeping away the unwanted. Pool screens come with a lot of advantages. While they shall filter out some UV rays, the sun is stubborn and shall have to get some to your skin.   

Pool enclosures have been around for a long time now. However, over time we have seen a lot of change in the style and structure. As you can expect, previous versions we’re bulky and less silky compared to the modern versions. When we talk about pool screens, they’re nothing new to Florida due to the temperatures experienced there. Actually, a visitor once claimed that the sun rays reached her kid even from under a shade. Other than Florida, pool screens are widely used in the U.S.   

So, What Are The Benefits Of Pool Screens, Do Pool Screens Block UV Rays?   

Pool screen offers shade  

The idea of the burning sun makes swimming a bit unbearable. This is what calls you to prepare by applying sunscreen to avoid harmful UV rays from the direct sun. You are either in the water or in the shade. Worse still, the kids cannot help it waiting for sunscreen to dry up, the hustle of doing it again and again in a single pool session is itself discouraging.

All this shall fade away with a screen covered pool. It offers quite a substantial shade while allowing some sunlight to pass through. This way, the UV rays shall not be as lethal as when you’re basking in the bare sun. However, in places with very high sunlight temperatures, the UV rays still manage to penetrate a good portion. However, it cannot be likened to having anything to cover your pool at all.

Encourages chlorine retention in a pool  

Without a stabilizer, all your chlorine shall be gone from pool water within a day. Pool screens are a great option for avoiding this menace. Since not much sunlight shall be penetrating, chlorine shall stay longer in your pool. However, this is not to say that you should not have a stabilizer added to your pool water.   

Count the menace of pests gone   

Have you ever experienced that itchy pain from a mosquito bite and still that stubborn nature of them buzzing around your head? If yes, then you know the menace I’m talking about. Still, have you encountered a dead lizard drowned and floating around your pool? 

My son once found a spider in our pool, and I can tell you, it’s been hell trying to get him back into the waters. Your pets roam around the pool and it’s always a possibility to have one drown in the water. With a pool screen, none shall come near the waters unless you allow.

With a pool screen, you are all set. No mosquito bites or dead spiders in the water. No risk for your pets is kept out of reach of the pool. So, the best news is that the pest repellent and sunscreen shall shy away from affecting your wallet.

Do pool screens block UV rays? What about debris?

Do you want to go around the pool now and again trying to sieve out accumulated debris? The problem here is not cleaning, it’s just that the debris seems to have an unending source! Now, the pool screen covers the whole pool, including the sides, which means that you’re all relaxed without those tedious cleans. You shall only come to blow and collect the debris later without your pool.

To add some sauce, some works have designed pool screens with slanting tops so that the debris does not remain on the roof, they just slide down to the ground. Therefore you don’t have to worry when the wind blows by your bushy compound and you’re in the pool, you just let it blow.

A pool screen shall save the hustle of pool cleaning   

While you shall have to clean your pool, it shall not be as intense as when it’s just open. You see, we have kept pests, debris away while keeping chlorine safe. This means less work for your filters and less waste of chemicals. Finally, you shall have less cleaning hours. 

A better-maintained pool covered with a pool screen shall age really slow and that’s what every pool owner wants. The rays aren’t reaching your pool liner to bleach it nor do you have to worry about your pool water evaporating again.

We’ve got to talk about the looks

Apart from preventing your skin from the sun’s dangerous UV rays, pool screens add to the looks of your pool. With a pool screen, your pool looks better and is still safer to stay in. Pool screens come in different designs. Actually, you can get a customized one for you.

Therefore, take time and think of the best design that shall fit your pool and you got it. That’s what’s up.

Do Pool Screens Block Uv Rays? Conclusion 

Yes, pool screens block UV rays but not fully. You got a little shade and still some warmth to enjoy around your cold pool water. Other than blocking UV rays, we’ve seen that pool screens come with a lot of other advantages. They maintain your chlorine while keeping away dirt and pests. They improve the look of your pool space and home in general. After all, what’s better than having a mosquito-free pool?