Chlorine Tablets in my Hot Tub
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Can I Use Chlorine Tablets in my Hot Tub

Can I use chlorine tablets in my hot tub? Well, chlorine tablets are a common sanitizer for hot tubs, especially inflatable ones. So, yes, you can use chlorine to sanitize your hot tub. However, chlorine tablets, if unconsciously used, can affect the quality of your hot tub – especially acrylic hot tubs. 

Check your manufacturer’s instructions to find out any limitations to using chlorine tablets. Inflatable hot tub models recommend using chlorine tablets while acrylic hot tub manufacturers discourage it, we give detailed reasons below. 

Here Is Why We Join Inflatable Hot Tub Manufacturers In Recommending Chlorine Tablets.   

Tablets dissolve slowly, which means a continuous but gradual chlorine dispensation of chlorine. This aspect is especially important when you aren’t planning to use your tub for a period. This in turn maintains chlorine levels in your tub preventing a drop to below 3ppm. Anything lower than 3 ppm, increases the chances of bacteria survival in your tub. 

Chlorine tablets are cheap compared to other sanitizers. Who doesn’t like that cheap effective substitute for expensive sanitizers? Therefore tablets are preferable especially when you’re running on a budget.   

What Demerits Make Acrylic Hot Tub Manufacturers Discourage Sanitizing Using Chlorine Tablets  

Chlorine tablets affect the ph of the water in your hot tub. Tablets contain Trichlor, an acidic component that shall affect the overall Ph of the water. You shall therefore have to use a neutralizing agent to get such water to a balanced Ph and that means extra capital.  

Die to the gradual dissolving feature, chlorine tablet users use an excessive number of tablets. The result here is a high chlorine concentration level which changes everything. With excess chlorine, you can expect to make your hot tub water imbalanced in Ph as explained previously.  So, do you stop using chlorine tablets? Well, that depends on your preference, to help you make an even a better decision, we proceed to show you hot chlorine tablets can be used without effect. 

Can I Use Chlorine Tablets In My Hot Tub? Here Are The Right And Safe Ways To Do It.   

Dispense using a floating dispenser  

For easy and secure dispensation, chlorine tablets should be introduced to your hot tub using an inline chlorine feeder, a skimmer basket, or a floating dispenser. Chlorine tablets have acidic components, therefore, when it comes in touch with the walls of your hot tub, expect it to corrode that specific part. 

If you have a family with young children, you know how tempting chlorine tablets look for children. Therefore, to avoid such instances, a dispenser keeps the tablets and releases only dissolved chlorine gradually into your hot tub water.  

How many tablets should I use?   

Avoiding excess chlorine in your hot tub water ensures the user and the tub itself shall be safe. It is recommended that you add 1-5 tablets depending on the size of your hot tub. 1-3 chlorine tablets are enough for small to medium-sized tubs while 3-5 should work for large tubs. 

However, the number of tablets to be added depends primarily on many custom conditions with your tub. An effective quantity of chlorine tablets for a hot tub shall also depend on the size of chlorine tablets you have and the extent of bacterial infection in your hot tub.  

To add the right amount, start with the above-recommended tablets. Check the results after some time to measure the effectiveness. If the changes are minimal, then you shall have to add extra doses. Do it gradually to finally land on the effective amount for your particular tub.

Remember, chlorine granules take time to dissolve, this makes their action slow compared to chlorine granules. Therefore, do not rush into adding more tablets before giving the already added ones enough time to dissolve and take effect. 

Are you a home-owner wondering the frequency of adding chlorine to your hot tub? Here’s a guide on how often to add chlorine tablets.

This is the ideal size of chlorine tablets you can use in your hot tub.   

There are two sizes of chlorine tablets, that is, a large 200g tablet and a smaller 20g tablet. As you can already guess, the large tablets are meant for large swimming pools while the smaller ones serve small pools and tubs. So for a hot tub, use the 20-gram tablet since the large one shall lead to excess chlorine levels in the water. 

How long does it take for chlorine tablets to fully dissolve in hot tub water?   

The period chlorine tablets take to dissolve shall differ depending on many factors. Typically, you shall have the 20g tablets dissolve in 4-7 days. This shall largely depend on the temperature of the water, is also and the frequency of hot tub usage. After adding your first tablets, monitor to be sure about the length of time your hot tub takes to fully dissolve chlorine tablets. 


Can I Use Chlorine Tablets In My Hot Tub? Acrylic Models    

It is almost impossible to use chlorine tablets in acrylic hot tub models. This is because parts of an acrylic hot tub are susceptible to trichlor. Actually, the manufacturers are very strict on this and shall void your warranty in case they discover that you used chlorine granules. Chlorine tablets shall react to release gases and an acid that eats-up and discolor the shell of your hot tub.  

Therefore, if you own an acrylic hot tub model, then chlorine granules should never be in your sanitizer stock. Instead of chlorine, use bromine tablets since they are safe to use in an acrylic hot tub. Chlorine granules do not produce trichlor after dissolving and are the best option for acrylic hot tubs.  


Can I use chlorine tablets in my hot tub? Yes, you can. Unfortunately, only non-acrylic Spas can use chlorine tablets as a sanitizer. In case you have an acrylic Spa, avoid chlorine tablets, instead, you can use bromine tablets or chlorine granules which are non-acidic. 

Chlorine tablets dissolve slowly and are cheap enough to fit the budget compared to chlorine granules or any other hot tub sanitizer. So, consider the type of your hot water tub before going for those tablets, bye.