best way to level ground for pool
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Best Way to Level Ground for Pool

After investing in an above ground pool, it is almost time to get leisure from it. However, you got one more unfinished step – the setup. Have you selected the best position for your pool? You notice that the ground there isn’t prepared to receive your pool, you have to level it up. So, the question remains, what is the best way to level ground for pool. Our detailed and easy guide shall get you doing it.

Best Way to Level Ground for Pool – Reasons for Leveling Ground for Your Pool?   

You shall have an uneven water level.  

Aboveground pools are designed to be level and do not have a deep or shallow end. If you proceed to install an above ground pool on uneven ground, you might end up creating deep and shallow parts. This shall especially be dangerous for your kids who shall get it rough dealing with the deep end.

Normal pool maintenance operations shall also become difficult now that you have high and low points in your pool.

Your pool shall be unstable.   

The walls of an above ground pool are designed to evenly share the water volume and pressure. Installing your kit on the uneven ground shall cause an uneven distribution of volume and pressure. 

This shall cause stress on the walls with more volume and water pressure. Such strain on the walls shall make them bulge unevenly or even break. Therefore, if you do not plan to lose your heavy investment, you better take your time and level the ground.

Your pool installation shall look vague.   

Most at times, apart from the leisure a pool shall give you, you might be interested in the improved look it shall give your home. Now, imagine an uneven pool that looks “ragged” outside or in the backyard of your house. It shall look vague and misplaced. This isn’t the best impression to create about your home.

The Best Way to Level Ground for Pool – Tools You Shall Need for the Process

A shovel  

A shovel, preferably a wide one shall help you easily shovel off the soil and dirt expected during the leveling process. You can be sure to clear up all rocks and other particles and objects that might spoil your above ground pool.

A rototiller  

You want to spend the least time possible to effectively level the ground. Removing the grass cover from that area using let’s say a spade shall take a whole day of hard labor. Why not invest in a rototiller to get it done within a few minutes?  

A level and a longboard

A longboard shall easily help you check which places have not leveled up yet.   

A lawn roller and rake   

You shall need to spread out and compress sand on the ground. To effectively do this, you need a roller and a rake.

You do not have to buy any machinery recommended above if you’re running on a budget. The best thing to do is hire at a fee and return after use.

These are the steps for the best way to level ground for pool.   

Find the right location   

After installation, shifting the position of your pool shall be a costly venture. Therefore, choosing the best location is important to avoid later unnecessary costs. 

Choose the most level ground around your planned place of installation. Choosing an already fairly level ground shall give you easier work during the leveling process. Ensure the place is within your legal boundaries. 

Avoid places near large trees as they shall lead to stubborn leaf and bird droppings debris. Places with any underground cables and sewage should also be avoided.

Now, clear anything on the site including grass  

Using a rototiller or a sod cutter, remove the grass in your chosen area. After clearing the grass, remove any harmful debris on the ground that might damage your above ground pool. One such debris is stones that can pierce your above ground pool calling for additional repair costs. Aim to achieve a soft clear ground.

Now flatten the area 

Get the clear area flattened out. To effectively do this, use the longboard and level, pick a board that covers the entire diameter, and move it around while using your level to determine whether or not your ground is level. Fill any depressions and do away any high areas to have a perfectly flat ground.

Spread out a layer of sand for additional protection  

Adding a layer of sand to the area of installation shall give your above ground pool’s base a safe base. In case you accidentally left out some debris, this layer of sand shall protect the base of your pool. Sand shall also inhibit grass or any other plants from re-establishing.   

Order for enough sand to make a layer from 3-6 inches for good protection. Use a rake to spread the sand and a roller to further compact it. Ensure you maintain the level for correct installation. Use a lawn roller and endure hard compacting and thereafter leveling.

Now install your base protector 

After you’ve done everything, it is time you finalize by spreading out your pool base protector. You can opt for a professionally made above ground pool base pad. This base protector provides a safe ground for the final installation of your pool. It also provides insulation to prevent your pool from unnecessarily losing heat.

Finally, start installing your pool

Once the ground is ready, you can proceed to install your above ground pool. Your pool shall have come with an installation manual, follow it to do it the right way.

A Final Word On the Best Way to Level Ground for Pool 

The leveling step should not be left out if at all you do not want later avoidable spending. Choose the right position and follow the above place to lay a perfect resting place for your pool. You shall be set to start enjoying your purchase with your family and friends.