best way to clear up cloudy pool water
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Best Way to Clear Up Cloudy Pool Water

A cloudy pool is a disaster for your usual recreational swimming. The moment your pool water turns cloudy, all you shall be seeking to know is the best way to clear up cloudy pool water. To solve a problem, you first need to know the cause. In this article, we are going to answer your question based on the possible causes that might be adding a “cloud” to your pool water.

Best Way to Clear Up Cloudy Pool Water – What Are the Reasons? 

There are a lot of reasons that might lead to a cloudy pool. The good news is that most of them can be easily managed by yourself. Usually, any cloudy forming in your water comes gradually. It is advisable that you check for the slightest indicators such as creamy or greenish instances within your water, this shall help you to start the correctional process early.

The major causes are chlorine and pH imbalances, intended debris, accumulation of ammonia from long time disuse, problematic filters, high calcium hardness, or development of algae.

What Is the Best Way to Clear Up Cloudy Pool Water?

If you are ready to clear up that cloud from your pool, there are a number of ways you can do it. Roll up your sleeves as it might need a bit of hard work. Let’s get started.

Deep clean your pool  

The most basic remedy is a deep clean up of your pool. Pump all the water out and get to work. Scrub your pool walls and flow to remove any layers and debris. Get rid of large debris then vacuum up to clean the remaining dirt.

Check for the concentration of free chlorine 

One of the causes of a cloudy pool is low amounts of free chlorine in your water. Free chlorine is what cleans up your pool to prevent ammonia or algae build-up. If you notice low free chlorine concentration, then your pool shall be having a high concentration of combined chlorine which is ineffective.

The solution for a high concentration of combined chlorine is to shock your pool water. To shock your swimming pool water, introduce chlorine shock or non-chlorine for pools that use different sanitizers. 

This chlorine shock shall get rid of all the germs, bacteria, and algae in your pool water leaving it clean and clear. If there is much algae concentration, increase the amount of shock to effectively get rid of the algae causing cloudy pool water.

In case of a cloud build-up for salty water pools, raising the percentages on your saltwater chlorine generator shall do less help. Turn off your chlorine water generator and perform a manual pool water shock.

Check whether you got algae or ammonia forming

Ammonia can be a cause of cloudy forming in your pool. To confirm ammonia concentrations in your pool water, look out for these signs. Test for combined chlorine present in your water. If your water contains more combined chlorine which doesn’t neutralize even after more chlorine addition, then you have high ammonia concentration.

To check whether it is algae causing cloudy pool water, do perform overnight chlorine lose test. What you need to do is wait till evening and add chlorine to your pool water. Take a reading of the free chlorine in your water and let it stay overnight. Since there shall be no sun to eat up your chlorine, any free chlorine amount drop above 1pppm indicates the presence of algae in your pool water. 

Algae and ammonia build-up due to high concentrations of combined chlorine with less free chlorine. To get rid of the “cloud” balance your pool water free chlorine levels as explained earlier.

Clear up your pool filtration and circulation system  

Poor water circulation and filtration can be the cause of cloudy water in your pool. To confirm this, check your pool filters, there might be debris closing your filters, therefore, causing poor pool water circulation. If this is the case, you need to bring your pool circulation system to normal as explained below:

Run your filtration system for more hours a day   

For pool water to remain clean and clear, your filtration system should be running continuously. In the case of a build-up of unclear water due to circulation problems, consider running your filtration system continuously at least for a few days. 

After this, ensure your filtration system runs for at least 8 hours every day for small homestead pools. For larger pools, your filtration system should never stop running.

Check your filter for any blockages. This is common especially when debris gets stuck in your filter system. Running a blocked filter shall not do any good, therefore, check and clear out any blocking material in your filter system.

What If My Pool Remains Cloudy Even After Shocking?    

Shocking does not take effect immediately. It might take up to a day for your water to become clear. Sometimes, water might remain cloudy even after you clear out the filter, in case of this, the reasons might be different.

A high total alkalinity level might be the problem. High total alkalinity leads to the development of the scaling effect that causes a cloudy pool water result. To lower your pool water total alkalinity level, you need to add muriatic acid and aerate your pool.

Warnings for Cloudy Pool Water   

Cloudy pool water is not fit to swim in due to the following reasons:

  • Cloudy water contains bacteria that might lead to urinary tract health infections, therefore, stay away till you get it clear again.
  • Cloudy water causes a blur that might make drowning swimmers in the pool to go unnoticed.
  • Cloudy water causes your eyes to itch. It is plainly dirty water with a lot of foreign annoying dirt and germs.

A Final Word On the Best Way to Clear Up Cloudy Pool Water  

As you may have noticed, cloudy water isn’t a situation beyond control. You shall need the right chemicals and skills to identify and correct the cause. We believe the needed skills have been explored in the above article and you’re now ready to clear up that cloud from your pool.