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Best Chlorine Tablets for Above Ground Pool

When you need to buy chlorine tablets, the first thing you have to know is that all chlorine tablets are not equally effective. They usually contain stabilizers, additives, and preservatives. And all do not dissolve properly. Then how can you make a choice? The goal of this post is to help you choose the best chlorine tablets for above ground pool. Here are our top picks.


6 Best Chlorine Tablets for Above Ground Pool Reviews

1. CLOROX 3-Inch Chlorinating Tablets

If you are familiar with household cleaning supplies, you have probably heard the name of Clorox—a quiet well-known brand. These Chlorine tablets will work wonders for your swimming pool.  These tabs are good for both above-ground and in-ground pools. Until you use the tablets, they are properly wrapped and preserved.

They not only kill bacteria but also prevent algae. However, it is a good idea to monitor your pool regularly. In the packages, you will notice some chlorine dust. Remember, this dust is dangerous. Do not forget to use gloves when you handle these tablets. This is a general rule for chlorine tabs of any brand.

Please be informed that these tablets look a bit crumbly. As a result, there is a bit more dust. These tablets also dissolve pretty fast.


  • Long-lasting tabs
  • Work great
  • Great absorption rate
  • Individually wrapped


  • User needs to wear gloves
  • Too crumbly

2. In the Swim 3″ Pool Chlorine Tablets

These powerful chlorine tablets come in a safety bucket which is easy to open. The company takes its safety feature very seriously. The child-proof lid is going to impress you! Remember, these are among the best chlorine tablets for above ground pool.

Inside the bucket, the tabs are wrapped, individually. So, they are properly protected from moisture. When you use the tablets, you can be sure that they are fresh. Every tablet will give you great results.

The absorption rate of the tabs is excellent. The process of absorption is neither too fast nor too slow. If the absorption is too slow, the tablets will fail to sanitize the water. And if the absorption is too fast, you will end up using more tablets than necessary.

Although they come in plastic wrappers, you should wear latex gloves when handling these tablets. Just use the tablets and you will notice very satisfactory results.


  • Child-proof lid
  • Very efficient tablets
  • Individually wrapped
  • Long-lasting
  • Great absorption rate


  • User needs to wear gloves

3. Nava 3-inch Pool Chlorine Tabs

Although these are among the best chlorine tablets for above ground pool, the first thing you will notice about these tabs is that the individual wrapping is flimsy and weak. If any of these tablets break, chances are that more will break and the powder will spread all over the bucket. That is why wearing gloves is of the utmost importance when handling these tablets.

There are some additional issues with these tablets. The manufacturer claims that the packaging is stabilized, although it is not. In fact, they are partly stabilized, and the absorption rate is too quick. So, you may have to use more tabs than necessary.

They prevent algae and kill bacteria pretty effectively. Once you have used these tabs, algae will not start growing too quickly. However, as the customer reviews suggest, not all customers are highly satisfied with these chlorine tabs.


  • Individually wrapped
  • Satisfactorily effective


  • Crumbly tabs
  • Dissolve too fast

4. CLOROX Small Pool Chlorine Tablets

If you have a small above ground swimming pool, you can rely on these chlorine tabs. They are not intended to be used in a swimming pool’s skimmer, and that is why you may have to use a floater. These chlorine tablets very effectively kill bacteria and prevent algae.

A bad thing about these powerful tabs is that they do not come in individual wrapping. If you use them in an inflatable pool, they will work perfectly. However, these tablets are not designed to be used in a large swimming pool. And if you must use them, make sure mix some 3-inch tabs.

Humidity will affect the tablets if the lid of the container is not securely fastened. Another thing to know about these chlorine tablets is that they are a bit crumbly. When handling these tablets, make sure you wear gloves.

5. Rx Clear 1-Inch Stabilized Chlorine Tablets

These highly effective chlorine tablets are from a prominent brand—RX Clear. The company is known for manufacturing high-quality products for purifying water. There are many reasons why so many people like these chlorine tablets.

Cost-effectiveness, UV stability, and active performance are some features of these tabs. There is no need for further chemical adjustments because these tabs are pH neutral. For these features, these tablets are claimed to be among the best chlorine tablets for above ground pool.


  • Affordable price
  • UV stabilized
  • pH neutral
  • odorless


  • Dissolves too quickly
  • Rough packing

6. Swim Best 3-inch Trichlor Pool-Tablets

These chlorine tablets are individually wrapped, and they are known for dissolving very slowly. Although the manufacturer claims that they are long-lasting, in fact, they are not. The tablets take a very long time to dissolve.

The tabs are long-lasting, but not in the way you might think. Very little chlorine dissolves, and that is why the chlorine remains for a long time in the water. For some users, it can be a bit annoying.

If you read some customer reviews, you will find that some users say these tabs are not strong enough. And if that is the case, you will have to use more tabs to get the expected results. Overall, these are pretty powerful chlorine tablets.


  • Individually wrapped
  • Dissolve slowly


  • Wrappers are sometimes broken
  • Irritating to the eyes

Final Thoughts 

It is important to remember that not all chlorine tablets are the same. The effectiveness varies wildly from one brand to another. So, if you want satisfactory results, you have to choose wisely. Now you know more about chlorine tabs, and we hope you will make an informed decision.