benefits of swimming for toddlers
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Benefits Of Swimming For Toddlers

Most parents worry a lot when it comes to training their toilets on how to swim. However, as much as there are risks tied to it, there also are benefits of swimming for toddlers. It is no longer a question of whether folders can learn to swim or not. We’ve seen kids as young as six months old getting kick-started to learn how to swim. Better still, a 12-month-old toddler can comfortably back float in water after being taught. 

Benefits of Swimming for Toddlers

The following are just but a few benefits of teaching your toddler how to swim.

Your toddler gets to learn safety skills   

Children below the age of 14 years make the most cases of drowning. When you start early, your child gets to perfect swimming and learns a lot of skills like high-pressure breathing and back floating. It is less likely that your child shall drown in the future. 

That said, it has been discovered that teaching your child to swim early in life makes them overconfident. An overconfident child is more deemed to drown compared to a cautious, unconfident child. 

It is therefore advisable that you be there when your children are swimming to avoid drowning cases.

If your home is located around water bodies. For instance, you have a pond in your backyard or are used to using a boat. It is advisable that your toddler learns these skills. This is because, by having that kind of surrounding, your kid shall be more susceptible to drowning. A toddler who’s used to water and knows how to back float shall never sink in that pond in case he or she strays there.

Mental development    

Teaching your child to swim early in life boosts mental development. Swimming is an involving activity that needs to get your mind coordinating with the body, this is not an exception to toddlers. As their combination improves, so does their intelligence. 

Swimming in water also stimulates sense of your kid to help him or her to develop emotionally.

Is stress affecting your kid, why don’t you use swimming therapy?

During swimming, the brain produces endorphins that boost the moods of your child just like it does an adult. Therefore, when your child learns how to swim, they balanced emotionally. It also helps your kids lead a balanced lifestyle out of the routine they shall develop by swimming on a regular basis.

Swimming boosts your kid’s self-esteem

Water is one of the fears children have, leave alone swimming in it. When you teach your toddler to swim, they get confident and overcome this fear. As a result, their self-esteem gets boosted and shall help them during interaction with their peers.

When a child fears anything including water, they shall keep away physical activities and hence keep away from their peers. However, a kid who’s been taught how to swim shall be free to interact with peers.

Swimming improves your kid’s health

Health is an important aspect of the well being of your child. During swimming, the body is engaged in an activity, the heart shall beat after with the kid’s working fast also. The result is an improved cardiovascular and breathing system. 

That’s not the only improvement point. Remember, the body muscles are moving and building up. Therefore, your child gets flexible and fit. If you want to kick out or prevent obesity from your kid in an easy and luxurious manner, then swimming is what you’re going to use to help them burn those calories.

Your kid gets to be more social  

When swimming with your toddler, especially in a training center where other toddlers are swimming, your child becomes social. The interaction with other toddlers makes your kid love social life and interaction from a young age. 

This is a skill that shall help them in the future.  

Swimming improves the child-parent bond  

Some parents are too busy in the day and too tired during the night. Furthermore, your kid has been with the nanny the whole day and is tired and deep asleep when you come home. 

Swimming with your toddler makes them fond of you and builds that child-parent bond. The kid gets to know and feel comfortable, dependent, and protected around you. That’s what a parent is there for.

It improves your child’s cognitive skills   

Specific swimming pattern movements lead to the development of certain brain neurons. Therefore your kid gets to improve the brain functioning in terms of communication, feedback, and modulation. This doesn’t stop here, your kid shall with time improve his or her cognitive skills, that is reading, special awareness, learning, and language development.

Benefits Of Swimming For Toddlers – At What Age Should Children Learn How To Swim

At the age of 1 year old, your child should be able to learn how to swim. However, this differs from child to child. For your child to start learning to swim, they have to be emotionally and physically developed. Some children are ready at an early stage while others shall take longer. You, therefore, have to observe your kid and determine the right time to start training your kid.

If you as a parent ain’t ready to subject your toddler to swimming lessons at an early stage, you can wait till the age of 4 years and above. By this age, there should be nothing to stay on your child’s way of learning swimming.

Is Teaching Toddlers Swimming Okay?   

Yeah, multiple research has shown the many benefits your kid shall get when you teach them how to swim at an early age. The above are just but a few, your kid shall get boosted mentally, emotionally, and physically which isn’t anything bad. 

However, when teaching your kid how to swim, you have to be extra careful. If you’re not prepared to do it yourself, there are a number of professional infant swimming teachers out there, why don’t you reach out to one? 

You can take some classes if you’re not that skilled or just aren’t sure about the safety measures. These are the benefits of swimming for toddlers.